Windows 8

Windows 8.1 Guide

This guide will explain some of the features in Windows 8.1 Professional edition with references to the other Editions and draw comparisons with previous Windows for those more familiar with that Operating System and explain the new features of Windows 8.1

1. Guide to the Desktop
2. Guide to Explorer
3. Guide to Control Panels
4. Guide to Administrative Tools
5. Guide to Disk Management
6. Guide to Device Manager
7. Guide to Accessories
8. Guide Users and Security
9. Guide to Boot Sequence
10. Contents of the Windows folder
11. Contents of Programs folder
12. Using the Command Line
13. Guide to Task Manager
14. Guide to File Types
15. Guide to CD Recording
16. Guide to ZIP Files
17. Guide to Remote Assistance/Desktop
18. Guide to System Restore
19. Guide to Windows Updates
20. Guide to the Start Screen
21. Guide to Themes
22. Guide to the Security Center
23. Guide to Networking