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Windows Tools

Windows comes with the usual sort of tool programs to play around with and these are listed under All Apps and Windows Tools and we have various utilities and programs to create documents, manipulate pictures, play sounds, games and so on. These programs are listed below with more information for the new stuff.


These tools can now be found in the Control Panel, Ease of Access Center section.

Magnifier Program allows those with sight difficulties, to magnify portions of the screen to make it more readable
Narrator Program to speak out selected text and buttons and whats on screen to you
On-Screen Keyboard Program to allow you to use the mouse to type in characters and numbers instead of the keyboard
High Contrast Set up a high contrast display for hard of sight.

Windows Tools and other apps

Character Map Displays character set from given Fonts and allow you insert them in your documents for the hard to find characters
Command Prompt The tradtional command prompt for command entry.
Notepad Simple text program to write notes or view log files, readme files and so on.
Paint Program to create or manipulate pictures or photos you have taken to your tastes
Recovery Drive Create a recovery drive to store essential windows files in case of recovery of broken Windows installation
Remote Desktop Connection Program to allow users to remotely login to other computers which allow Remote Desktop connections (see System control panel).
Snipping Tool Program to grab portions of a screen, window, rectangle or free form areas into the clipboard to paste into another program.
Steps Recorder A program to record the steps to a file of a task performed. File saved as zip file containing a mht document.
Windows Fax and Scan A Program to create, send and receive facsimiles (fax). Requires a fax device e.g. fax/modem.
Windows Media Player Program to play audio and video multimedia files.
WordPad A simple word processor program to quickly write some documents. Does not have any advanced stuff such as Spelling, Mail Merge and so on for advanced Word Processors such as Word, WordPerfect, Works which are available seperately.
Windows PowerShell PowerShell tool for running NET cmdlets
Windows PowerShell (x86) PowerShell tool for running NET cmdlets (32 bit)
Windows PowerShell ISE PowerShell tool for running NET cmdlets with integrated editor
Windows PowerShell ISE (x86) PowerShell tool for running NET cmdlets with integrated editor (32 bit)

Windows Apps

3D Viewer View models in 3D using your camera. Available from Microsoft Store.
Alarms & Clocks Set clock and manage alarms
Calculator Calculate with numbers
Calendar Organize your life events
Camera Manage camera
Cortana Windows control assistant
Film & TV Watch current film and TV programmes
Games See Microsoft Store.
Media Player Replaces Groove Music and the legacy Windows Media Player
Mail Read E-Mail
News Display current news
Microsoft Store Download Apps from here
Mixed Reality Portal Reality and VR apps. See Microsoft Store.
Notepad App version of text editor
Microsoft Office Access office online
Paint App version of Windows Paint. Paint 3D is still available from Microsoft Store.
Photos Organize and view photographs
Settings Windows and app settings
Skype (for Business) Online chat and communication
Snipping Tool Grab and snip portions from pictures
Sticky Notes Make quick notes and stick to desktop
Tips Display tips and suggestions
Video Editor Edit your videos
Voice Recorder Record your voice, faster than typing notes
Weather Display current and forecasted weather in your area
Windows Security Display status of defunder, accounts, firewall, app device security
XBox Game Bar Display Xbox toolbar
XBox Console Companion Display Xbox information and social info. See Microsoft Store.


All accessories and games can be installed via Programs and Features control panel and click on Turn on or off Windows Features and the Microsoft Store.

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