Windows 8

Windows 8.1 Guide


Windows includes themse to customize your desktop experience. A theme contains all the following settings saved into one .theme file. This includes:

a) Desktop icons
b) Mouse pointers
c) Theme name
d) Colours
e) Background wallpaper
f) Sounds
g) Screen Saver

The settings are configured using the normal Personalisation control panel.


If you right a Theme or unsaved them, click Save Theme, it will store your display settings into a .theme file in your AppData themese folder.

Windows comes with pre-defined themes for you: Windows, Lines and Colours, Flowers and some High Contrast themese for accessibility users.You can download more themes from online by clicking on 'Get more themes online'.

On the Personalisation screen you can also configure the following:

a) Desktop Background - change the image on your desktop.
b) Colour - change colour for window taskbar and borders.
c) Sounds - change the sound for different events.
d) Screeen Saver - change the image or animation to show when the computer is idle.