Letter U

UAC User Account Control. Introduced in Windows Vista to secure against unwanted installs esp. malware when using internet. THer are two settings in Vista, but extended to 4 in Windows 7. UAE Umbiqious Amiga Emulator. Program to emulate a Commodore Amiga on PCs, Macs and Unix machines. Ubuntu A popular variant of the Debian Linux operating system. Variants include
Server, Desktop, KUbuntu (KDE), Lubuntu (LXQt), Ubuntu Budgie,
Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu MATE (Gnome), Ubuntu Studio, Xubuntu (Xfce). UDMA Ultra Direct Memory Access disks. Type of very fast IDE disks. UDP User Datagram Protocol. Used by various IP protcols such as DNS, WINS, Authentication and Security protcols. UEFI Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. A ROM chip that contains
firmware to allow hardware to boot Operating System. Supports large disks, CPU independant, flexible pre-OS environment, modular design. UHCI Universal Host Controller Interface for USB ports (see OHCI). UHD Ultra High Definition. Very high resolution used on television of 2160p or
3840 x 2160 pixels (8 million pixels). Also, known as 4K. UML Unified Modelling Language. Language used to design programs. Universal Universal binary app for macOS applications like PPC/Intel or Intel/ARM M1. See Apple developer site. UNIX Trademark name for early AT&T operating system. Also, applies to Solaris,
BSD and some others but not Linux. Upload Process where files are copied from your local computer to a remote computer using software such as FTP. (See Download). UPnP Universal Plug and Play for auto-configuration of devices over a network. UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply. A battery backed up power supply which can protect computer equipment from spikes, surges and power loss for short periods of time. URL Uniform Resource Locator. The address of a web site such as http://www.yahoo.com/. USB Universal Serial Bus. New standard which replaces the serial, parallel, game and floppy ports with a faster port which can do all of the above and allow devices to be chained together and be 'hot-swappable'. Utility Name given to small programs that do a small function such as look at a text file, view a picture or animation or some other small function. They are stored in the Utilities drawer. UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair. Network cable that uses pairs of twisted cable for high speed data transfer. UUID Universally unique identifier. A 128 bit number identifier for objects in a computer system. See also GUID. UUX Uuencoding. Encoding method for sending binary files as ASCII files especially via E-Mail. Replaced by MIME. UWP Universal Windows Platform for apps that run on Windows 10.
Replaces WinRT apps on Windows 8.

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