Letter D

Data Numbers, characters, text, pictures and so on is known as Data
which can be processed by a computer.
Database A central store of data, can be an Access type database or SQL database or any sort of database. Can contains numbers, strings, pictures etc. DDR Double Data Rate. Runs at same speed SDRAM but read and write twice in a clock pulse. There are three types: DDR (1.6GB/s), DDR2 (2.1GB/s) and DDR3 (1600 Mbps). Debian A popular distribution of the Linux operating system.
Debug Process in which to remove errors and mistakes (bugs) from a program.
Debugger Program to help developers locate and remove errors and mistakes (bugs) from programs.
Defragmentation Files on a hard disk can become broken in smaller chunks over time and thus wastes disk space and increases time to read files. Defragmenting a hard disk combines these pieces of files into larger or single chunks to reduce waste and speed up file access.
DSP Delivery Service Partner. A delivery standard like OEM but the manufacturer's name is not stamped on the software or manual. It is used for smaller distributers, system builder hobbyists and generic no-name builders.
Delphi Borland Delphi is Windows based programming language similar to Object Pascal.
Denise Name of chip used in OCS/ECS Amigas used to display graphics and sprites.
Desktop A computer designed to be placed on a table or desk, computer tends to be large with seperate monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Device A program which controls a particular device or group of devices. For example, the scsi.device controls Hard Disks mainly either via IDE or SCSI interfaces.
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Provides IP addresses dynamically, commonly used on networks or when using the (C)SLIP protocol when connecting to the internet. Replaces the older BOOTP method.
DIMM Dual In-line Memory Module. 64 bit memory board to add memory to modern computers. Tend to come in sizes of 16Mb, 32MB or more and run at 10ns or faster.
Directory A directory is a container for files or other directories.
DirectX A programming interface for graphics, music and sound for the Windows operating system. Latest version is version 12 which comes with Windows 10.
Disk/Disc Refers to data storage medium. Common types are floppy disks, hard disks, compact discs, external SCSI, USB, and Firewire disks.
DLL Dynamic Link Library. A file of program functions that can be shared between applications. DLT Digital Linear Tape used for magentic tape computer storage by DEC.
DMA Direct Memory Access. Feature which allows other chips to access memory direct instead of via the CPU.
DNS Domain Name Server. Converts between IP addresses and human readable formats e.g. to www.noname.com
Dolby Digital Type of high quality sound used on PCs and DVD decks. See Dolby.
DOS Disk Operating System library which provides functions for disk and file management on the PC.
Download Process to copy files from a remote server, such as a web or
ftp server, to your local computer. (See Upload).
DPI Dots Per Inch. Resolution of dots printed on modern printers. The more dots there are the sharper and clearer the picture.
DPMS Display Power Management Signalling. Power Management standard for Monitors and displays.
Dragon An 8 -bit computer by Dragon Data Ltd. It has 6809 CPU, 32 or 64 KB RAM, Extended Basic. Similar to TRS-80 computer. DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory. Type of memory used for main memory on computers, tends to very cheap and quite fast. Loses its contents when the computer is switched off.
Drawer A directory with drawer icon which may contain files or other drawers.
DR-DOS Digital Research DOS operating system.
Dreamcast Sega's last game console which was discontinued later on due to competition with Sony's Playstation 2 which had a cheap DVD player included. Production ended in 2001, 3 years after launch.
DRM Digital Rights Management. A security system to limit distribution of media such as Music and Video. Widely used by companies to allow users to donwnload music and pay for them.
Driver A Program which interfaces a peripheral or device connected to the Amiga with the Operating System and gains access to that device's many features. Drivers include Printers, Scanners, Network, Storage, Graphics, Sound and motherboard devices and so on.
DTD Document Type Definition for XML documents to describe XML tags.
DTP DeskTop Publishing. Refers to page makrup production. For example, Publisher, Quark Express, InDesign.
Dual Core Most processor have a single core, now that max speed of 3.8GHz is reached new processors have two cores or more processors on each chip for true multi-processing. See Quad Core.
Duplex Method of communication. Half-duplex is only one way at a time, while Full duplex allows traffic at the same time (e.g. Telephone).
Duron Low cost processor from AMD with smaller Level 2 cache than the Athon.
DV Digital Video. Mainly refers to video editing on the PC.Requires either a Digital Camera or Camcorder and video editing software to produce your own videos.
DVD Digital Versatile Disc. Replaces the CD for video, produces very high quality pictures and sound. Can contain around 4.6 GB of data.
DVD-HD Digital Versatile Disc - High Definition. Supports very high resolutions such as 720, 1080i, 1080p and store upto 30GB of data for 8 hours of video.
DVD-R DVD+R Digital Versatile Disc Recordable. DVD Recordable format upto 4-5Gb.
DVD-RW Digital Versatile Disc Re-Writable. Re-Writable version of DVD like DVD+RW CD-RW.
DVD-RAM A read/writable DVD format used for data and for video recording. Can save upto 9.4GB of data.
DVI Digital Video Interface. Alternative to the SVGA interface for connection to TFT screens etc.
Dynamic IP Dynamic Internet Protocol. When dialing your provider to get onto the Internet, sometimes they give you an IP address from a pool of addresses. So you don't always use the same address.

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