Letter G

Gadgets Special symbol that appears on Window edges. For example, on an window (from top left) has Minimise, Maximise, Close and Scroll gadgets. Gamecube Nintendo's game console shaped like a cube and has a CD drive for the first time. Includes a PowerPC Gekko CPU and ATI graphics. GDPR General Data Protection Regulations to protect personal data. GeForce Latest fast 3D accelerated graphics card from nVidia. Genlock Device used to combine computer displays and video displays together. GIF Graphics Interchange Format used extensively on PCs and on the Web. Uses LZW compression for images. Copyrighted by CompuServe Inc. GigaBytes A thousand million bytes of data or more acurately 1024 x 1048576 = 1,073,741,824 bytes GIMP The GNU Image Manipulation Program which is a graphics package for various platforms including Linux, Windows and Macintosh. Git A development project site to share project between developers and manage files within a project. Glide Voodoo graphics card drivers from 3dfx. Gnome A desktop graphics environment for Linux systems. Typical Linux versions include Linux Mint MATE, Ubuntu MATE, Fedora, Centos etc. GNU Gnu's Not Unix. Open Source distribution of programs e.g. Linux applications. Google Google company developed a advanced search engine for the internet and also developed Android operating system for smart mobile phones. GPRS General Packet Radio Service. A mobile data service for 2G and 3G cellular communication on GSM. GPT GUID Partition Table. A modern method of partitioning hard drives. GPU Graphics Processing Unit. The chip on modern grahics cards that does all the number crunching instead of the CPU. Graphics Library which is used on the Amiga to produce the images, gadgets, sprites etc on an Amiga screen. Graphics Card A card that provides the computer display using either 2D or 3D graphics. GSM Global System for Mobile Communication. A name for technologies that provide digital, circuit switched network which is optimised for full duplex voice telephony. GTK Gimp ToolKit. A graphical widget interface for graphical interfaces such as Gnome. GUI Graphical User Interface, the name given to the OS display for the benefit of the user. Contains icons, menus, windows and pointer etc. GUID Globally Unique Identifier. A 128 bit number string to identify objects in computer systems.

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