Letter O

Object-Orientated Programming method where data and functions are classed as objects. Makes programming much easier to understand, write and modify. OCR Optical Character Recognition. Technology used to scan text into a document from paper. OCS Original ChipSet used on Amiga 1000, 500 and 2000 models.
Octal Numbering system based on 8 digits (0-7). ODBC Open DataBase Connectivity. Uses Special data source settings to allow applications to connect to various data sources such as Access, Excel, SQL database, MySQL. OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer. Goods supplied direct from the manufacturer of the device or software. OEM software is the same as Retail but tend to be Full installs rather than Upgrade installs and bundled with the hardware. Office Usually a suite of applications for office duties including a Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Database, E-Mail, Notes. Examples include Microsoft Office, Corel Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice etc. Office365 Cloud based service by Microsoft for Office, Mail and comms, Document storage etc. OHCI Open Host Controller Interface for USB ports (see UHCI). OLED Organic Light Emitting Diode. Similar to LED but uses an emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compounds which emit light in response to an electric current OLPC One Laptop Per Child project to provide low cost laptops to children in developing countries. OpenGL Open Graphics Language. Standard widely available to program 3D graphics. Developed by Silicon Graphics Inc. See website. OpenOffice A free open source office, for Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows systems. Open Source A program who's source program code is available freely, to encourage development by third party programmers to improve the program e.g SourceForge. Opera Another popular web browser. Opteron AMD's high end processor which supports 32 and 64 bit processing. Oracle Company that is famous for the Oracle Database. Now also looks after Java, VirtualBox, and other Enterprise products. Oric The Oric-A and Atmos were 8 bit computers that ran Forth instead of BASIC. OS Operating System.Special program used to control the hardware and run application software on computers. Can be supplied on ROM or on disk. OS/2 IBM's graphical operating system for the PC. Fully 32 bit unlike Windows 3.1 at the time. Outlook The professional E-Mail program provided with Microsoft Office. Overburning Writing more data to a CD-R disc than its rated capacity. CD-R can hold 74 or 80 mins of data but there is sometimes extra capacity on each disk but varies from manfucturer to manufacturer. Over burning is not recommended as it can lead to lose of data and possibly damaging the CDR device.

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