Letter J

JANET Joint Academic Network. A network that connects UK Universities together. Java Programming language created by Sun MicroSystems and now Oracle for a platform independance. Created for dynamic web pages or stand alone programs. JavaScript Programming language developed by Netscape for its Web Navigator program. Used extensively as part of web pages for powerful features. These programs have an extension of .JS. Widely used by all web browsers. JBOD Just a Bunch of Disks. Sometimes referred to RAID boxes. JDK Java Developer Kit. Contains developer files and tools to create java programs. JISC Joint Information Systems Committee (UK). See JANET. Joliet CD filesystem standard for Windows 9x/NT/2000 CDs with long filename support. Joystick Peripheral designed for games which has four or more direction movements and fire buttons. JPEG Joint Photographic Expert Group. Standard for photo quality picture files with 'losy' compression built in. See web site. JQuery Javascript Query library to simplify scripting for Javascript. JRE Java Runtime Environment. Provides tools and plug-ins to run Java programs. Originally created by Sun Microsystems, now taken over by Oracle. JS Javascript. File extension for javascript files. JSE Java Standard Edition. Contain the JRE, Server JRE and or the JDK. JSON Javascript Object Notation for storing and exchange data using Javascript. JSP Java Server Pages. Web pages written specifically for Java Web Servers to replace Microsoft ASP pages. Jumper A feature which uses a small electronic 'switch' to turn features on or off on the motherboard of a computer. JVM Java Virtual Machine. Allows computer to run Java applets from a web browser.

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