Letter H

Haiku A newer and updated version of the BeOS operating system. Hard disk A high capacity and high speed self-enclosed disk. Usually mounted internally in computers to store and load programs and data. Can range between 10MB and 10GB! Also known as HDD. Hard drive Similar to hard disks but also contain circuitry to control the hard disk. Hardware The physical components that make up a computer system. Hayes A Hayes Compatible Modem uses AT commands to control the functions of a modem. The majority of modems are hayes compatible. HBA Host Bus Adapter. Refers to SCSI-2 type adapters. HDCP High bandwidth Digital Content Protection. A form of Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection to control audio/video content over DVI or HDMI interfaces. HD-DVD High Definition DVD by Toshiba. See also DVD-HD and Bluray. HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface. A video/audio interface to transmit uncompressed encrypted digital streams such as video from Set Top Boxes, Blu-ray or HD-DVD Discs. HDTV High Definition Television. See HD DVD. Hex Hexadecimal. Numbering system containing 16 digits for numbers 0 to 15. i.e. 0 to 9 and A to F. Uses Base 16. HLS HTTP Live Streaming. Video streaming protocol developed by Apple in 2009 which is widely supported. It support adaptive-bitrate steaming, the H.265 codec,
latency can be high. HomeRF A wireless network protocol running as 1.2Mb/sec but has a longer range than WiFi does. Version 2 now does 10Mb/sec. HTML HyperText Markup Language. Document format for hyperlinked files containing text, graphics and sound. Extensively used on the World Wide Web. See W3C Website. HTTP/HTTPS HyperText Transfer Protocol (Secure). Used on the World Wide Web to transmit and display html pages between the server and the client. HTTPS uses SSL/TLS certificates to encrypt web traffic. HUB Device which allows multiple PCs connect to network via one point or allow multiple USB devices to connect to one USB Port on a PC/Mac. HyperThreading Ability to run blocks of code (thread) in parallel with other code for maximum performance. Developed by Intel.
Hyper-V Hyper-Virtualisation. Microsoft's server virtualisation technology to allow multiple logical or virtual servers run on a physical host.

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