Letter B

B2B Business to Business trade or transactions especially over web.
Backup Refers to a copy of a disk or group(s) for files for safe keeping. Regular backups help prevent loss of data due to unexpected circumstances.
Base Memory Refers to the first 640Kb of RAM used by DOS program (also called Conventional RAM).
Basic Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. Programming language using easy to remember commands such as LET, INPUT, PRINT, IF, GOTO etc. See Pure Basic.
Bash Bourne Again Shell. A shell or command line used on Unix and Linux Systems. BBS Bulletin Board System. A computer which hosts files and message areas for people to log into and download via modem. Very popular before the Internet became available.
BeOS An old alternative multimedia operating system by Be Inc for PCs. See Haiku.
Beta Software that is in final stages of development but may have a few features left out or bugs to remove.
Binary Numbering system using two digits (0,1). Commonly used on computer systems.
BIOS Basic Input Output System. A ROM chip that occurs in most PCs providing basic keyboard access and text based graphics for DOS.
Bit Binary digit. Represents 0 or 1. Lowest form of computer memory.
Blitter High speed data transfer chip to move blocks of memory.
Blog A weblog or diary of events for people, events or life experience.
Bluetooth Wireless communciation protocol between computers. Commonly used to communicate with other small devices such as PDAs, Phones etc. See Bluetooth web site.
Blu-ray High definition DVD Disc format (alternative is HD-DVD) which can hold 25 or 50GB of data. More info here.
BMP Bitmap format for picture files.
Boot Usually refers to starting up a computer from power on. a Reboot usually means to restart the computer from scratch usually to clear memory or after a crash. BootManager Programs to manage and load an operating system e.g. MS DOS' MSDOS.SYS,
NTLoader for Windows NT, BCD for Windows 8, 10 and Grub for Linux or Unix.
BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol. Used to resolve IP addresses with Ethernet hardware addresses. Replaced by DHCP. Bootstrap A framework of HTML, CSS and javascript for developing mobile-first web sites.
Bridge Links two networks together of different topologies to allow data flow between them. Needs two network cards/connections to work.
Broadband A network that can send/receive data at high speed and more data at once such as ADSL, ISDN and LANs. Broadcom Common supplier of computer hardware incl. network devices.
Bug A mistake or fault in a computer program or hardware design.
Burn Proof A feature of some CD-R/RW drives that pauses the write process to allow data buffers to be filled to prevent Buffer underruns which causes production of incomplete CDs.
Bus A series of electrical tracks, usually in groups of eight, that transmit data from one part of the computer to another.
Bus Master A high speed device that doesn`t require use of CPU for data transfer. See DMA. BYOD Bring your own device e.g. mobile phone, laptop device etc.
Byte Basic memory size. One byte has 8 bits, so, can contain the decimal equivalent of 0 to 255 (or -128 to 127).

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