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Updated: 23 Jul 2021

1. I cannot find Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access or Outlook?

These are NOT supplied with Windows 10 but come with Microsoft Office which you need to buy and install seperately. Windows RT comes with its own version of Microsoft Office for ARM devices. Sometimes manufacturers will bundle Office or Works with new PCs. Alternatives include WordPerfect Office, LibreOffice, WPS Office, Easy Office, and Ability Office .

There are now some online office products such as Office 365 and Google Docs.

You can download a time limited trial version of Office from Microsoft's Evaluation Center.

2. Does Windows Mail come with a Spell Checker?

Yes, Windows Mail has a spell checker built in. Press F7 to initiate spell checking in a new message.
Most Office suites have a built in Spell Checker which auto spell-checks as you type.

3. Which versions of Office work with Windows 10?

Microsoft Office 2013, 2016 , 365, 2019 and 2021 will work on Windows 10.

4. Does Windows come with any sort of Word Processor?

Yes, Windows always provided a program called Write or Wordpad which is available via Start, Programs, Accessories, Wordpad. It doesn't have any of Word's advanced features, but ideal for short letters, documents and so on. It can open .doc, .wri, .rtf and .txt files and save as .rtf or .txt files which can be read by the majority of Word Processors available. Spell Checkers can be added via third party software such as Autospell etc.
Microsoft Office comes with Microsoft Word. A compatible Word Processor can be found in OpenOffice called OpenOffice Writer or Libreoffice Writer which can read/write Microsoft Word documents.

5. Does Windows come with any sort of Spreadsheet?

No, the nearest thing, is the Calculator which can do simple mathematical calculations for you.
Microsoft Office comes with Microsoft Excel. A compatible Spreadsheet program can be found in OpenOffice called OpenOffice Calc or LibreOffice Calc which can read/write Microsoft Excel documents.

6. Does Windows come with any sort of Database?

No, but the Contacts, can be used to store details about users, such as name, address, telephone number, birthdays, children, email address and so on.
Microsoft Office comes with Microsoft Access. OpenOffice comes with its own database program called OpenOffice Base or LibreOffice Base.

7. I have got an Office document but I cannot open or read it and I don`t have Office?

Microsoft have free access to online Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Visio programs via Office Online (Office Web Apps) in Sharepoint, Office 365, or
Word documents can be opened with most other Word Processing applications including Corel's WordPerfect, LibreOffice and OpenOffice.
MDB database files can be opened with OpenOffice Base, Visual Studio and MDB Browser.
MS Project files can be viewed with an evaluation copy of Project, Project Viewer or the new Project Libre.
OneNote file can be exported to be viewed by people without OneNote using OneNote Web Exporter.
Publisher (pub) files can be viewed using OpenOffice Draw, and Corel Draw.
Files can be converted to other formats using ZamZar Online Converter tool.

8. I have a been given a document written in a new or different format, how do I open it?

Microsoft Word for example supports manyDocument formats docx, doc, docm, dotm, dotx, rtf (rich text format), html, xml, odt (open document format), pdf,
wpd (WordPefect) and wps (Works).
If unable to load a document, you will need to re-save it from the original application before you can open it in Office.

9. How can I tell if my installed version of Office is genuine?

Your installation of office should be installed and setup with a product key and activated. For example, in Word 2016, select the File, Account to view
whether it is activated or not. See Activate Office for more information.

Office activated

Products such as Office 365 are shown as a 'Subscription Product' which is tied to your Microsoft account.

Office subscription product

10. How can I create PDF files with Microsoft Office?

In Office 2013, select File, Save As, Computer, Browse and select the file type PDF (*.pdf).

11. Where can I find a Web Editor for Office?

A program called Microsoft Expression Web or Visual Studio or Apps in the Microsoft Store can create web sites, develop CGI scripts, encode videos and design new graphics.
Most web site hosting companies provide there own web building tools, for exmaple, GoDaddy's Web Builder, Ionos Website Builder, 123 Reg Website Builder, and more.
Microsoft Word can save files as a Web Page (HTML).

12. How do I restore Office 2010 starter (or later)?

Office Starter is usually installed by the OEM builder but if you replace the hard disk or suffered some sort of system crash you can restore it by:
a) Restoring the system from a disc image or from a recovery partition.
b) Restore the system from your own backup or an image of your hard drive.
b) Restore the files in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OEMOffice14 and run Setup.exe to reinstall Office starter.

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