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Updated: 5 May 2023

This page will consist of my programming projects mainly for the PC and written with Visual Studio. You can download them and use them as you wish.
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Programs for TI-99/4a

I have started using my Win994a emulator again and found a few programs that you can run on it using Extended Basic.

Here, are also my articles on the Mini Memory cartridge and the Adventure games for the

Programs for AmigaOS 3.x

Recently, I have been using my C compiler again and updating programs to use SDK 3.9, in particular the Reaction/ ClassAct interface. So enclosed are some example programs. See my tutorial on how to write programs for the Amiga.

Visual Studio C# Projects

Recently I have been learning to use C# (C Sharp) language, which is basically C++ with Microsoft's .NET Framework API. So I managed to convert some old Visual Basic applications to C# and it has been reasonably easy to do. See enclosed projects below.



Printer and PrinterPS Preferences for AROS using Zune API

This project is to deliver a working Printer Preferences for AROS (AROS Research Operating System). I have decided to use MUI (Magic User Interface)/Zune for the graphical interface (which by the way is my first MUI/Zune project), and will be Localized (another first for me) using FlexCat program. It will be available to download here and the AROS website.

The Printer and PrinterPS programs have been re-written for AmigaOS 4 using Reaction for the Enhancer software package (see AmiStore). The preferences interface is very complex which uses multi-depth horizontal and vertical layouts with Window tabs and menus as well. A huge amount of learning was needed to learn Amiga OS 4, Reaction and using preferences when converting from MUI/Zune to Reaction.

Screenshots: Printer1, Printer2, Printer3.
Download and for AROS.

Printer and PrinterPS Preferences for AmigaOS4 using MUI

Download or for AmigaOS 4.

Printer drivers (on Aminet):
Epson drivers
HP deskjet drivers
HP laserjet drivers


Amiga manuals

Amiga 500, 1200, A4000 and CD32 manuals in PDF format covering hardware, workbench and AmigaOS with illustrations for those with Amigas but no manual. Manuals now hosted on Aminet.

Download links changed to Aminet hosted links.


H&P StormC Documents in English

Some of the documentation that comes with StormC is in German and not in English. So I have translated the German docs into English. Sorry, about the broken English in places as my German skills are pretty poor and the online translation facilities do not always get it right. Download contains english translations for: StormC4, Compiler, ProgramStart, Includes+Libs, StormEd, StormRun, StormDoc, StormShell and PowerAsm.

Click to Download (updated 14/9/09)

Naughts and Crosses Game

Date: 5/5/2006
Updated: 10/02/2016
This project helped me to learn Visual J# and Java using Swing mixing a turn based game with an event based language. I tried using Java first but couldn't get my head around the event based system, so I turned to Visual J# and Visual Basic. Once those were done, I then switched to Java and Swing which is a very nice language. You can play the game online and download the source here as well for all the languages so you can see how it was done. J#, C++ and Java are very similar, if you learn one you can learn the others very quickly, J# is like Java but uses .NET for the interface instead of AWT or Swing but it makes a good rapid development tool. If learning Java I would recommend a good IDE rather than use Notepad, it'll save a lot of time. For latest Java, using Java Web Start and JNLP to launch the program is the best method now-a-days.

Play the game using Java Web Start and JRE 7.
Download the Visual Basic code
Download the Visual J# code
Download the Java Application code
Download the Java Applet code


Number plate

Number Plate Converter v1.1

Seen the new number plates in the UK? Ever wondered what they mean or which region a car has come from? If so, then this program
will convert any number plate you enter into something more understandable. Displays region, year and month of registration for you. Now
will convert the older pre-fix number plates into year of registration as well.
Written in VB and will run on any version of Windows. Requires .NET Framework and Windows Installer.
See a picture of the program in action here.

Click to download

A new version of the Number Plate Decoder is now available in JavaScript and can be run directly from this link: Run decoder. new

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