TI Adventure Games for the TI-99/4a

Treasure Trail
by Peter Hutchison
TI*MES #39, 1992/93

Right! Treasure trail is back again. What a time I’ve had with Scott’s adventure’s particularly Ghost Town. You’ll all be glad that I managed to complete it after a WHILE year being stuck, trying to find that last treasure - there is NO CLUE what-so-ever in the game to get to it, it is part of the tips below. Many, many thanks to Barrie Clark who gave me some really vital information that lead to the solution. Thanks Barrie! (Answers written in reverse).


How do I get into the pyramid? Dnuora gniggid emos od ot deen uoY
How do I open the locked door? Ti tih dna tsif ruoy revoC
How do I get rid of the smake? Cisum yalP
What do I do with the skeleton? Ydob eht etelpmoC
How do I get up from the ledge? Epor worhT
What is the Heart of Iron? Der gnihtemos yortseD
How do you survive the poison? Dnah ruoy recoC
Where is the last treasure? Eurtinruf ehT

You’ll need 13 treasure, most are revealed after some examining especially the objects there and doing things to them. Carry the pistol at all times!


What to do if it gets dark? Deb a deen uoY
How do I get rid of the ghost? Sdnah esU
What does the map point to? Aera suoniatnuom eht yrT
How do I open the jail door? Citengam gnihtemos esU
How do I open the other door? Efas dna eciffo hpargelet eht yrT
Why doesn’t ‘ole Paint move? Mih eohs., mih rupS
How do I get back to the town from teepee? !yltcaxE
How do I destroy safe? Slacimehc eerht deen uoY
What do I use to cause explosion? Yek a esU
The mirror is giving me 7 years bad luck? Ti recoC
Where do I find the Cup? Noolas ni krad eht ni ecnaD

The last one is a nasty one, how the hell was I supposed to know that!
Barrie’s adventure editor helped me, he’s using a disk version, does anyone have a Mini-memory copy at all? I would like a copy.
I am now working on Savage Island part 1, yes, I know a really difficult one. Has anyone completed that?

Hope you’ll find the above tips useful. See you later.

Treasure Trail
by Peter J Hutchison

Welcome to the new TI Adventure column. I am not an Adventure expert, I’ve only just completed Pirate and Adventureland, but I hope to play and complete the entire Scott Adams series!
This column is to pass on hints -and pleas of help- to and from members.

Here are some important tips...
Always map your adventure. This is particular necessary when you are in a maze - Adventure land maze has just seven locations - the directions do NOT necessarily go in the direction intended!

Always save at critical points and in any case fairly regularly. If your next move seems risky, SAVE GAME first then try it out. Then if you botch it you can return to your last healthy point.

You cannot carry everything. Some objects are to be used once and can then be dropped, others you may need to find handy places to store them, and don’t forget where you put them.

Always make a list of the objects you find and where you found them.

Write down any message you are given.


Stuck in the apartment? Esackoob enimaxe.
Can’t get rid of a pirate? Ekil ll’eh anihtemos mih eviG.
Can’t get past the crocodiles? Eas eht ni si tahW.
Can’t find any keys? Tnemtrapa eht yrT.
Can’t find second treasure? Yretsanom eht ot oG.
Can’t get past snakes? Srekcarc naht rehto ekil sdrib od tahW.


No where else to go? Pmaws eht yrT.
Chigger bites killing you? Wodeam no ngis daeR.
Ending up in bog? Exa esu, muminim yrraC.
Lamp not lit?eloh eht yrt
Bees too much for you? Wadaem ni nqis daer.
Window stuck? Sag yrt
Wasting honey? Cigam sti, rarrim eht esu.
Stuck in maze? Gur eht esu.
Lava too hot? Niaga rarrim esu.
Not got all the treasure? Ezam ni sngis daer.
Unable to move bees far? Tropsnart retsaf yrt.
Need fish? Esu nemrehsif od tahw.

[Contact librarian for Adventure module, tapes and disks.]

Treasure Trail
TI*MES Issue 30, Autumn 1990

VOODOO CASTLE tips. (Adventure Module adventure).

CAN’T READ PLAQUE. Ecalp kard a ni ti dear
Test tubes a bother. Yromra eht tisiv
Stuck in a jail cell. Was a deen ouy?
What is bag for. Gnir eht thiw od uoy did tahw
JuJu man is mumbling. Puos emos dnif


Cobra proving deadly. Cisum emos yalp
Mummy strangling you. Taeh eht ecuder
Mirror room a problem. Od nem dnilb od tahw
Oyster an obstacle. Ti deef
Wheres a treasure room. Lufesu si enots
A treasure short. Nobrac fo eciep a yrt
or perhaps. Gnihtemos was
Purple worm food? Ti erongi
Rats difficult. Meht deef tnod

Does anyone know what to do in MANIA?

Pyramid of Doom.
How do you get up the hole above the ledge?
What use is the blood stained alter?
How do I find the pharoah?
What use are the rope, bandages, chopping block?

Fully solved if you need help are: Strange odyssey, Adventureland, The Count, Voodoo Castle, Pirate Adventure.

Treasure Trail
by Peter Hutchison
TI*MES Winter 89/90

 Writing games in BASIC can be rewarding but also a challenge as you have to fit everything in 14K, Extended BASIC helps a lot with multi-statement lines. I have written 3 adventure games in the past:-

a) Challenge of the Dark Empire.

Has 36 locations (on square map), 16 commands using verb/noun system and descriptions in DATA statements read into an array. The game was easy (can be completed in a session) and linear. Originally in TI-BASIC, converted to another computer.

b) Challenge of the Dark Tower.

Has 32 locations and 19 instructions also verb/noun format. Descriptions also in DATA and read into an array, limited length of descriptions. Improved game. TI BASIC again.

c) Halley’s Comet

Has 73 locations and 29 instructions in verb/noun format! Descriptions were also short but compacted data for moving data between locations into 8 digit strings e.g. NNSSWWEE. Flags for characters in one string. DEF functions used. Game much harder and more enjoyable. Written in Extended BASIC.

Problems with writing adventures:

1) Descriptions take up a LOT of memory. They should not be in DATA statements and in arrays. Best methods are to either READ them from data statements (use Restore at beginning of blocks of Data to speed it up) or read Data into arrays from tape (probably best method).

2) Objects stored in an array with a number indicating whether they are at a given location, being carried, or hidden from view.

3) Flags should be single characters stored in a string and accessed through SEG$. Arrays of strings and especially number are too memory hungry.

4) Parser should be restricted to Verb Noun format as it reduces code overhead and therefore allows new commands to be added. Also you should include variations of the same command e.g. Take and Get, Drop and Put, Shoot and Kill, N and North etc.

There are a few BASIC games available in the Library such as Adventuremania (64), Cake/Adv (649), Cave Maze (652), Starship Supernova (6112), Haunted House/Wumpus (6127), Mania (6160), Santa & the Goblins (6208) hopefully I’ll be able to have a good look how good they play and what techniques they’ve used.

 Now for some tips on the Strange Odyssey adventure, which I have not completed - nearly there though:

1) Can’t get off ledge? !pmuJ
2) Boulder blocking your way? ti yortseD
3) Don’t know what to do in the hex room? PLEH dna dor enimaxE
4) Religion hounds attacking you? Ti nutS
5) Getting squashed on mining colony? muesuM eht tisiV
6) Can’t open hatch? ynoloc gninim eht tisiV
7) Can’t find fifth treasure? sieklaw rof dnouh ekaT
8) Running out of air? enihcam neila esU

Now can someone help me, please?
1) How do I repair the broken Power Crystal?
2) What use is the White Button?
3) What use is the Black Emptiness?

Treasure Trail
by Peter Hutchison
TI*MES #27, Winter 89/90

Unfortunately, I got no response from the first Trail in the last issue (there MUST be some Adventurers out there somewhere!) but never mind, if you are stuck or you have hints or solutions to adventures please send them me.

I have now completed The Count (a real pain in the neck to complete!) And here are a few tips for those stuck with it. I’ve had to play it from scratch in different orders to complete it!

Can’t open the workroom door? tsop eht rof tiaW.
Can’t climb down castle wall? Deb eht esU
The Bat is a pain? yrtnap eht enimaxE
Can’t go into the oven? thgilnus fo etisoppo eht stahW        
Can’t find the crypt? wodniw moordeb eht hgorht oG.
Can’t find the coffin? ngis eht daeR
Loosing important objects? ecalp ytsud a ni meht kcoL
Falling asleep? ecalp ytsud a dniF.

Next issue I hope to pass on tips on Strange Odyssey when I finish it. I would love to hear from anybody who has written adventures in Basic (especially with graphics) and to hear of any techniques they have used to save memory, the parser and so on.

Links: Info on Adventure cartridge (the games themselves come on Disk or Tape - device CS1)
Download Win994a emulator .
Read TI*MES magazine.
Visit Scott Adams Adventures site.