Mac OS Finder

Updated: 13 Nov 2021

Finder window

1. How do I get the size of a Folder?

Open a Finder window, select a folder and it will calcuate the size of the folders and display it in the right hand information window.
For example, in the above image, Applications is 16.14 GB in size.

2. How do I view properties of files?

You can right click the file, and select Get Info and an information box will appear, it will display the name of the name, its location, size, file association (if any), and permissions.

3. How do I search or locate a file or application?

You can use Spotlight, click on the Magnifying glass at the top right and enter the name of the file, folder, or application and press Enter and it will search for it for you.

4. How do I change the Desktop background?

You can use System Preferences, Desktop and Screen Saver, select Desktop and select a picture or solid colour for your desktop. If you want to use your own pictures, either select Pictures below Folders or click on the plus (+) icon at the bottom to add your own picture folder.

5. How do I use the the Dock?

The Dock contains shortcuts to various applications or folders. To add new icons, open the Applications folder, and drag and drop the application icon on to the dock. To remove an icon from the Dock, select the icon and drag it to an empty area of the Desktop to remove it.

6. How do I display hidden items?

You can display hidden items by entering the following command in Terminal:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
and restart finder by entering this command:
killall Finder.

Alternatively, you can download Tinker tool for Mac OS to change this and other hidden options, that are not in System Preferences.

7. How do I sync my media files with my iPod, iPhone or iPad?

In Mac OS Mojave or older, you can use iTunes to sync your music, films or TV programmes with your device using USB cable. Select the media files you want to sync, click on the device and click on Sync button to begin syncing. On Mac OS Catalina, you can now use the Finder to sync media to your devices, connect the device, open Finder, click on Locations on the left panel to select your device, select what media and/or which file(s) you want to sync and click on Apply. For more deails see HT201253 on Apple support.

Sync meda to iPhone using Finder

8.What keyboard shortcuts can I use in Finder?

Shortcut Purpose
Cmd + 1 View as icons
Cmd + 2 View as list
Cmd + 3 View as columns
Cmd + 4 View as gallery
Cmd + , Finder Preferences
Cmd + ` Cycle through windows
Cmd + [ Cycle to previous window
Cmd + ] Cycle to next window
Cmd + A Select all items
Cmd + C Copy items to clipboard
Cmd + Ctrl + 0 View as group
Cmd + Ctrl + 1 Group by name
Cmd + Ctrl + 2 Group by kind
Cmd + Ctrl + 3 Group by date last opened
Cmd + Ctrl + 4 Group by date added
Cmd + Ctrl + 5 Group by date modified
Cmd + Ctrl + 6 Group by size
Cmd + Ctrl + 7 Group by tags
Cmd + Ctrl + A Create shortcut or alias of item
Cmd + Ctrl + N Create new folder with selected items
Cmd + D Duplicate file or folder
Cmd + Delete Move item to trash
Cmd + Down arrow Open selected item
Cmd + E Eject the external drive
Cmd + F Open Search options
Cmd + I Open Get Info dialog box
Cmd + K Open Connect to Server dialog
Cmd + N Open new Finder window
Cmd + Shift + 3 Save screenshot of full screen
Cmd + Shift + 5 Open screenshot app
Cmd + Shift + A Open Applications folder
Cmd + Shift + D Open Desktop folder
Cmd + Shift + H Open Home folder
Cmd + Shift + O Open Documents folder
Cmd + T Open new tab
Cmd + W Close current tab
Enter Rename item

More shortcuts are available here.

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