Boing Ball  Amiga Emulator FAQ

Installing Workbench 1.3, step by step instructions.

1. Load WinUAE, on Quickstart tab select A500 for the Model and then click on the Hard drives tab.

Hard Drives

2. Select Add Directory. Use DH0 for device name, enter a volume name and an empty folder to use.
Tick the box for 'Add PC drives at startup' so that you can copy other files from your PC drives.

Add directory

3. Select Floppy drives and insert Workbench 1.3 disk into drive Df0: and select Start.

Insert Workbench

4. You should now have a Workbench icon on your Workbench screen ready to use.

Workbench loaded

5. Open Workbench1.3D disk icon and double click on the Shell icon. To use the new GB2 keyboard map file, copy the gb2 file from any available PC drive to the devs/keymaps folders on your Workbench disk and type setmap gb2. The GB2 keymap file corrects some of the keys on Windows keyboards. Use the date command to set the correct date and time.


6. Now you can copy the contents of the Workbench disk to your new HD directory. In the Shell, use the command:
copy df0: to dh0: all.


7. Wait until the copy finishes. Press F12 and insert the Extras disk, then copy the contents of that disk
to the hard disk. In the Shell, use the command: copy df1: to dh0: all.


8. When the copy finishes, type endcli to exit the shell.


9. Press F12, eject any floppy disks and click Reset. Workbench should load ok.

Workbench complete

10. You can tidy up the icons by selecting Windows, Select Contents and Windows, Cleanup
and finally, Icons, Snapshot.You can set the keymap by editing the s:startup-sequence file
and adding the line setmap gb2.

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