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AmigaDOS Error Codes

Updated: 12 November 2018

Below is a list of error codes given by AmigaDOS commands. To view description of a code enter command Fault <number>.

Code: 103
Description: Insufficient free store (or memory)
Solution: Close down some programs or reboot

Code: 105
Description: Task table full
Solution: Close down some programs

Code: 114
Description: Bad template
Solution: Check template syntax first

Code: 115
Description: Bad number
Solution: Change argument to correct number format

Code: 116
Description: Required argument missing
Solution: Supply missing argument. Use ? to view arguments.

Code: 117
Description: Value after keyword missing
Solution: Supply value after the keyword.

Code: 118
Description: Wrong number of arguments
Solution: Supply fewer arguments. See ? to view arguments

Code: 119
Description: Unmatched quotes
Solution: Supply missing quote character

Code: 120
Description: Argument line invalid or too long
Solution: Provide correct or shorter arguments

Code: 121
Description: File is not an object module (or pogram)
Solution: Enter correct program name

Code: 122
Description: Invalid resident library during load
Solution: Unload library from memory

Code: 202
Description: Object in use
Solution: Close program that is using object

Code 203
Description: Object already exists
Solution: Use a different filename

Code: 204
Description: Directory not found
Solution: Enter correct directory name

Code: 205
Description: Object not found
Solution: Enter correct filename

Code: 206
Description: Invalid window description
Solution: Use the correct arguments for CON: window

Code: 209
Description: Packet Request type unknown

Code: 210
Description: Steam name component invalid

Code: 211
Description: Invalid object lock
Solution: Use correct directory or file name

Code: 212
Description: Object not of required type
Solution: Enter correct file name of the correct type

Code: 213
Description: Disk not validated
Solution: Wait for disk to be validated or repair disk

Code: 214
Description: Disk write-protected
Solution: Cover hole in disk to write enable it

Code: 215
Description: Rename across devices attempted
Solution: Copy file and then rename it

Code: 216
Description: Directory not empty
Solution: Remove files before deleting directory.

Code: 217
Description: Too many levels

Code: 218
Description: Device (or volume) not mounted
Solution: Insert or re-mounted missing volume or disk

Code: 219
Description: Seek failure
Solution: Use the correct file

Code: 220
Description: Comment too big
Solution: Use a shorter file note (see Filenote command)

Code: 221
Description: Disk full
Solution: Remove some files

Code: 222
Description: File is protected from deletion
Solution: Unprotect file before trying to delete it (See Protect command)

Code: 223
Description: File is write protected
Solution: Unprotect file before trying to write to it (See Protect command)

Code: 224
Description: File is read protected
Solution: Unprotect file before trying to read from it (See Protect command)

Code: 225
Description: Not a valid DOS disk
Solution: If its a game disk, boot from it. Check to make sure it is not validating
before trying to repair it.

Code: 226
Description: No disk in drive
Solution: Insert a disk in drive before using it

Code: 232
Description: No more entries in directory
Solution: Create a new directory and place files there

Code: 233
Description: Object is soft link
Solution: See makelink command

Code: 234
Description: Object is linked
Solution: See makelink command

Code: 235
Description: Bad loadfile hunk
Solution: Program damaged, re-download

Code: 236
Description: Function not implemented
Solution: Find newer version of program/library

Code: 240
Description: Record not locked
Solution: Lock record before writing

Code: 241
Description: Record lock collision
Solution: Wait for record to be released before writing again

Code: 242
Description: Record lock timeout
Solution: Release lock earlier

Code: 243
Description: Record unlock error
Solution: Only unlock locked records

Code: 303
Description: Buffer overflow
Solution: Make the pattern matching string shorter to fix in the buffer memory

Code: 304
Description: **Break
Solution: This occurs when Ctrl+C is pressed, re-run the program to start again.

Code: 305
Description: File not executable
Solution: Use the Protect command to enable the 'e' (execute) flag for the program file.


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