Boing Ball  Amiga Emulator FAQ

Amiga Developer CD 1.2 (1999)

This page contains links to some of the Amiga Developer files that you would have found on the Amiga Developer CD.

1. CD32

CD32 Support
CD32 Tools
ISO9660 Tools
XL Toolkit
XL Example

1. CDTV Tools

CDTV Tools 1.1, 2.0
CDXL Tools 1.11, 2.11, 3.11
ISO Dev Pack

2. Contributions

Angela Schmidt - MakeCD, AIFF and Rockridge Reference, Kiskometer
Carsten Schlote - 68060 Libs and source
Cloanto - PPaint 6.4, CopyIcon, DirDiff, MailBX
Frank Mariak - CGraph DevKit, CGX 3D Rave, CGX Video 42.0
Haage & Partner - Ikons, StormC 3.0, Storm Screen Manager, Storm Projects
Heinz Wrobel - Envoy 3.0
Interworks - INET-225
Kneer & ABT - Picasso96 Develop
Nordic Global - Miami SDK
Olaf Barthel - AmigaGuide - CheckGuide, Debugging - Blowup, Sashimi, Wipeout
Ralph Babel - Action FSSM, TrackDisk64, WBPath, Amiga Guru Book guide
Richard Koerber - Patchwork
Thomas Richter - MMU Lib

3. DevInfo

Blacklist -BadSoftware information.
Device Development - NSDPatch.
Exec and PowerPC - FutureOS information.
Intuition - Hints, Locklayer, ObtainGIRPort info.
Networking - Networking, Sana2 Revision 3 info.
Style - Coding Standards info.
TrackDisk64 - Trackdisk64 info.

4. EA (Electronic Arts)

Robocity demo program
Addicon, IconSort, TreeGuide programs and source.

5. Extras

Boopsi - GI1 program and source, LED_IC program and source.
Development - Example code v37, OS changes docs, RKM Companion v2.04.
IFF - IFF Forms, old IFF packages, Test files
MIDI - CAMD 37.1
Networking - SANA II devices incl A2060, A2065 , docs, include, CSLIP source, utils
Tools - ConPaste, Installer 43.3.

6. Guide

AmigaGuides (1,911 files) from Bullet to Z3.

7. International

Sample text - Deutsch, Francais, Norsk
Translation Guidelines - German - Amigloss9.D, Amigloss9.G

8. NDK

NDK 1.3
NDK 2.0
NDK 3.1
NDK 3.5

9. Reference

AmigaMail Vol 1
AmgaMail Vol 2
Devcon - Atlanta 1990, Milan 1991, Orlando 1993, San Francisco 1989, Washington 1988.
HTML - AmigaMail V2, Devices manual, Hardware manual, images, Includes and Autodocs 2 and 3.
Includes and Autodocs 3.5
ROM Kernel Manuals.

10. Addendum

These files and links will be useful for AmigaOS developers which are not on the CD or have been released since then.

a) PowerPC files

Phase5 - PowerPC Library
Haage & Partner - WarpUp, v40 update, v51 update
Hyperion Ent. - Amiga OS 4 SDK new

b) NDK and documentation

NDK 3.9
RKM Companion 1.3
RKRM Devices and Libraries
StormC Includes for OS 3.9
AmigaOS 3.1 Autodocs (AmigaGuide format)
New Style Autodocs
Amiga Books
MUI Developer files

c) Latest development tools

VBCC - Volker Barthelmann's C Compiler

Buying the Developer CD

You can still buy the Amiga Developer CD from the shop.