Boing Ball  Amiga Emulator FAQ

Updated: 26/05/08

How to configure CacheCDFS for AmigaOS 3.x

1. Download the IDEFix97 archive from Aminet. CacheCDFS comes with AmigaOS 3.5 and 3.9.
Alternatives include AmiCDFS if you do not want to use IdeFix.

2. Extract the files to your hard disk. e.g.

lha x IDEFix97.lha WB:

Will extract the files from IDEFix97 to the WB: disk.

3. Run the InstallSoftware icon from the IDEFix97 folder (Installer is required, see Install disk).


4. Select Proceed with Install.

5. Click Proceed on the Welcome screen.


6. Press Return key a few times when you have seen the End User Licence Agreement.

7. Click Yes to agree to the EULA license.

8. Enter personal information and key (if you have one) or click on Cancel to use it in Demo mode.
Click Register.

9. If you selected Demo then click Yes to continue installation.

10. Select location to install the files, in this case WB:.

11. Click Proceed to scan your devices to locate your CDROM drive.

12. Select the device on the left and click Scan to begin scanning for devices.

Scan devices

13. If unable to find a device, click Cancel and then use the following screens to manually setup your CDROM device.
Enter name of device driver on this screen,then Proceed.

14. Enter unit number for your CDROM device. Usually 0,1,2, etc. If using Winuae then you may need to enable Logging on the Misc
tab and start Winuae, close it down and example the log produced to see which unit your CDROM drive is using. Click Proceed.

15. Select how many discs will your drive take at once. It is usually 1 disc at a time. Click Procced.

16. Select Motor configuration (use defaults if unsure). Click Procced.

17. Select if you want your CDROM to be mounted on startup. Usually Yes.

18. Enter name of the Device. E.g. CD0, CD1 etc.

19.Click Proceed when installation is complete.

20. Insert a CDROM and it should show up on the desktop. If not then you may need to change the parameters
of your CD0 DosDriver in Devs:DosDrivers.

How to remove IDE-Fix and CacheCDFS

1. Remove the IDE-Fix main folder on the Workbench disk.
2. In DEVS: remove the following device drivers: tandemat.device, tandemat_pcmcia.device, tandemcd.device, tandemcd_come.device, tandemcd_pcmcia.device,
telmexatapi.device, adide_atapi.device, ad_atapi.device, buddha_atapi.device
3. In DEVS:DosDrivers, remove any CDx files including icon files.
4. In L:, remove CacheCDFS filesystem.
5. In C:, remove FormatATAPI, MountLS120.
6. Reboot to ensure all components are removed and no dialog boxes appear.