Boing Ball  Amiga Emulator FAQ

How to install a Web Browser (IBrowse) on Workbench.

Updated: 28 Dec 2014

1. First, you need to have Workbench 3.0 or higher and MUI installed. If you are using Winuae,
make sure that bsdocket library emulation is enabled on the Misc tab.

2. Download and extract the files from the IBrowse archive to your hard disk or RAM:

e.g. lha x IBrowse2.4-020+.lha

3. Run the Install-IBrowse icon to begin installation.

4. Click on Proceed with Install to begin.

5. Select the Installation Options e.g. Install for Real and don't log actions (only necessary for uninstall).

6. Click Proceed to start the installation.

7. Select the disk for IBrowse folder to be created. In this case WB:.

8.Select Languages to install. By default English is selected. Click Proceed.

9. Select which CPU version of IBrowse to instal.l In this case its 68020.

10. Select the colour depth of transfer animation to use. In this case 8 bit 256 colours. Click Proceed.

11.Select location for Newstring.mcc to install. By default it will use MUI:. Do not change this
unless really necessary. Click Proceed

12. It will new install NList and other similar MUI components for IBrowse.

13. Nlist.mcc version 20.117 will be installed. Click Proceed with Copy.

14. NListview.mcc v19.72 will be installed. Click Proceed with Copy.

15. NListViews.mcp v19.68 will be installed. Click Proceed with Copy.

16. NFloattext.mcc v19.33 will be installed. Click Proceed with Copy.

17. NListtree.mcc v17.24 will be installed. Click Proceed with Copy.

18. NListTree.mcp v18.12 will be installed. Click Proceed with Copy.

19. Cache Explorer classes will be installed. Click Proceed.

20. The Readme file is now displayed. Close window when read.

21. Installation is now complete. Click Proceed.

22. If no key file is present then the Demo version is used and will tell you that
IBrowse will only work for 30 minutes. If available from a distributor, just copy the
IBrowse2Key file to the same location as the IBrowse program.

Demo version

23. Expand the window and IBrowse is ready to use. For additional functionality you
should install more Datatypes to read other type of graphics and media files from the
internet e.g. PNG, WAV, MPEG and so on. You can also download plugins from the
IBrowse web page.

IBrowse 2.4