Boing Ball  Amiga Emulator FAQ

How to install Magic User Interface 3.8

The Magic User Interface is a new set of libraries to provide richer user interfaces than the ones provided with Workbench and a lot of internet applications will use this.
Download the mui38usr.lha archive from Aminet or SASG and extract the files to a drive. You will need the Installer program installed as well.

1. Run the installer script - Install MUI

2. Select the installation mode to suite your technical experience - here we selected intermediate.

3. If you have a key file, select Yes otherwise select No to use it in Demo mode.

4.Select Proceed to install MUI.

5. Select the drive where to install MUI, in this case the WB drive (use Show Drives to select a drive).

6. Installation will begin. You may be asked further questions during the installation.


7. Select which image sets you require - in this case all of them.

8.Select which languages you want to install. In this case, English only.

9. Select whether you want to install the sample programs. Good if you want to try out MUI and make sure it works.

10. Click Proceed to finish the installation.

Reboot the Amiga to ensure MUI is loaded when starting Workbench.