Blittersoft Announces PCx: Software Pentium Emulator

Updated: 13 June 2020

The following information is from Blittersoft.

PCx is an all new 80x86 emulation. (Pentium and 686 instruction set, including Intel undocumented P5 instructions).

A DEMO disk is now available for free download. This allows you to try before you buy!

The speed is roughly 3 times faster than v2.3 of Emplant e586DX emulation in protected mode (like Windows, DOOM, etc.).

It is about 50% faster in DOS mode. This speed increase is without the CPU transcription, which has finally been debugged.

There are restrictions on the DEMO version as follows :

Here are *some* of the features that are in the full release version:

If you are an owner of Emplant's e586DX emulation module, you can send in your original e586DX disk and get PCx for half the normal retail price.

More features will be added and we reserve the right to make changes without notice.

Download the DEMO version of PCx in LHA format from Aminet.

Original prices last time it was for sale (1996):

Price : 49.95 UKP (Europe)

Price : 59.95 USD (USA/Canada)

All orders MUST be placed through Blittersoft. US/Canadian orders shipped from within the US.

Worldwide dealers can contact Blittersoft (archived site) for trade pricing. new


Bliitersoft has been taken over by Virtual Programming.

More information about using PCx is on this PCx PC Emulator Tips

Read the Amiga Format article about PC Emulation.

For a modern alternative try DOS Box from Aminet (AmigaOS, Morphos, Aros).

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