Boing Ball  Amiga Emulator FAQ

Updated: 25 Jun 2016

Linux Amiga Emulator FAQ

1. What is UAE for Unix Systems?

UAE is an emulator for the Commodore Amiga based computers such as the popular A500 and A1200s. The Amiga is based on the Motorola 680x0 range of processors, and have custom chipsets to display graphics and sound and uses it own operating system called AmigaOS. You can download the latest versions of UAE for unix systems, including Linux, from FS-UAE, PUAE or RCDrummond UAE page and the older versions from UAE FTP site. If you want to use UAE with a GUI, try Winuae using Wine.

2. How do I download the emulator?

Instructions for FS-UAE are available for on the FS-UAE Homepage.Also you can download the emulator via your Package Manager program in your version of Linux.
For ubuntu, packages include fs-uae, fs-uae-launcher and fs-uae-netplay-server.
For this example, you can use these instructions for Ubuntu distributions, open a Terminal window and enter these commands:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:fengestad/stable && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install fs-uae fs-uae-launcher fs-uae-arcade

To run it, open the start menu, and enter fs-uae launcher or fs-uae arcade to open the relevant emulator application.

For E-UAE file, it will be compressed using BZ2, Zip or Tar compression. You can use the Bzip2 or Bunzip2 utilities to extract the files from the archive to a folder of your choice. The resulting file will be something like e-uae-0.8.28_linux-i586_sdl e.g.

bzip2 -d e-uae-0.8.28_linux-i586_sdl.tar.bz2
untar e-uae-0.8.28_linux-i586_sdl.tar

Then you can run it by typing ./uae (dot slash uae) (dot slash is required as the program is not in unix's command path). If you want to read more about uae then download the source code as well, which will contain the documentation, faqs etc.

3. I try to run it but it comes up with library errors etc.?

This means that various important system libraries have not been installed or not up to date enough such as GTK+, GLIBC, SDL and so on. You need to download an install the libraries from the unix distributor's website or upgrade to a later version of unix which has the latest libraries. This also applies when trying to compile the program from the source code. To install a new library or program, you can use rpm -i filename.rpm to install a package or use the Linux's gui installation program.

4. What other files do I need to run UAE?

You need a copy of the Kickstart ROM file which contains some of the essential AmigaOS libraries and devices needed to boot an Amiga, and a boot disk which can be Workbench or a game disk. Disks are encoded as ADFs (Amiga Disk Format) files, as PCs or Unix machines cannot read Amiga formatted disks directly.
These disks can be purchased from Cloanto as part of the AmigaForever package or copied from a real Amiga using the transdisk and transrom tools supplied with the uae source code.

5. I have the source code, what do I do to compile it?

You need the standard GCC compiler, or if you have a Mac the Xcode developer tools (see Disc 1 of your Mac OS discs).

The standard method to build a binary file is to use the following commands:
./configure [options]

make install

which will create a binary file, in /usr/local/lib/ called uae, which can be run. If you want the program installed elsewhere, use configure --prefix=<dir>. What out for errors during each part of the installation. You may need to install or upgrade other packages before it will completely install.
For E-UAE, only some options are included in the default configuration, typing ./configure --help will display more options you can specify, for example,
--enable-aga = Enable AGA Chipset (default = yes)
--enable-cdtv = Enable CDTV emulation (default = no)
--enable-cd32 = Enable CD32 emulation (default = no)
--enable-scsi-device = Enable SCSI devices (default = no)
--enable-bsdsock = Enable BSD Sockets (TCPIP) (default = no)
--with-x = Use X Window system
--with-sdl = Use SDL Library for low level functions.

After using configure, check the log file to make sure it has found all the necessary components, esp. for library files for user interface etc.

6. How do I configure UAE?

You can configure it via the user interface and save it via the Save Config button or create a configuration file and call it up via the following options:
-h : Print out a help text.
-f file : Load a configuration file
-s opt=val : Set the emulator's option "opt" to value "val".
There are too many options to list here, but they are listed in the README file supplied with the source code under the header Invoking UAE. Then you can save different configurations for different models of Amiga or for specific games e.g. uae A500.conf, uae A1200.conf, uae mygame.conf etc.

7. When I compile with GCC 3.x I get errors like './tools/cpuopti cpufast.s Corrupted assembly file! '

Copy the cpu_tmp file to the cpu_fast one and it should compile. If you compile the 0.8.25 or later, you should not have this problem. For CAPS libraries, download them from here.

8. How can I change the keyboard shortcuts for joystick emulation?

You cannot do it in uae options or the gui, but you can change them in the source code in the keybuf.c file. Look for the T/F/H/B/Alt settings.

9. What other operating systems can I run E-UAE on?

E-UAE has been modified to run on AmigaOS 4/PPC, MacOS X, AmigaOS/68K, MorphOS, AROS, BeOS, Linux x86/PPC using libraries such as SDL, GTK+ and glibc. Source code is available for other operating systems.

10. I use MacOS X, where can I get front end for E-UAE?

You can use a program called Hi-Torro by Daniel Pimly. (Hi Torro was the name of the original Amiga company by Jay Minor).

11. Where can I get a manual for E-UAE?

There is an online E-UAE manual on this website.
For FS-UAE, visit the FS-UAE Documentation page.

12. My game runs too fast or is unplayable?

On Chipset screen, try these options: Disable immediate blitter or on the CPU screen, try Approximate 7MHz 68000 to match the speed of the A500 for the game.

13. What configuration GUIs are there?

There are a number of GUIs available for BeOS, Cocoa, GTK and MUI Rexx. Source is in /src/gui-xxx (where xxx is the GUI type).

14. Can I use Winuae with Linux?

Yes, if you have the WINE (Windows is not an Emulator) package installed, you can install the Winuae executable and use the latest version of WinUAE.