The Commodore C64 F.A.Q.

Updated: 13 Aug 2018

1. What is C64 Forever?

Commodore C64 Forever is a collection of several Commodore Emulators incl. the PET, VIC 20, C64, C128 Demos, Games, Applications, Videos and Pictures put together in a custom interface for users to play with.

2. What Emulators do I get with C64 Forever?

You can emulator the following classic Commodore machines from the 1970s to the 1980s:





3. How much is C64 Forever and where can I get it from?

C64 Forever 2012 can be purchased from Cloanto from $14.95, Boxed or Download. Also, a Free Express version is available with purchase 'nag' pop ups from the same site.
You need a least Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, or 10 or Server to run C64 Forever.

4. What file types does the emulator support?

If you select File, Open on the main program (not inside the emulator), you can load the following file types: RP9, D64, T64, TAP, D71, D81, G64, PRG, P00, D80, and VSF formats.

Additional games can be downloaded from Gamebase 64, Lemon 64,, Commodore Software , Everything Commodore as well as many other internet sites.

5. Where can I get information on learning BASIC, Commodore DOS and CP/M?

You can find a good C64 Programming Reference at
Information about the C128 System and Basic Interpreter can be found on the C128 Page.
Information about the C128 and CP/M can be found on
Information about Commodore DOS used on some computers with a disk drive, can be found on Wikipedia.
The VIC-20 Programmers Guide can be found on
For magazines, try Zzap!64.
For more information on GEOS, visit Wikipedia.

6. Where can I get the alternative VICE Emulator program?

If you prefer the alternative VICE emulator from the VICE Team website.

Additional information:

VIC 20 Here is a PDF of a VIC-20 brochure I picked up when looking for
a computer in the 80s in Slough!

7. Can I play Commodore games online instead?

Yes, there are some online sites including C64S,, and JaC64.

8. Is there a history of Commodore and the C64?

On the Edge

Yes, there is a book called 'On the Edge' (The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore) by Brian Bagnall which you can read.
Some information about the C64 on Wikipedia, C64 History and Commodore CA page.