Letter Z

Z80 Zilog Z80 CPU 8-bit processor used in a lot of ppoular computers including ZX Spectrum, MSX etc. Can also run the popular CP/M OS. ZIF Zero Insertion Force. Type of processor that require minimal pressure to insert a chip onto motherboard. Zip File Compression method commonly used on the PC computers. Zip Disk A 100MB or 250Mb removable disk which can be used in Iomega's Zip Drive. Zip Drive A special removable drive that can hold Zip disks of 100/250MB. Zip Ram Zigzag Package. Old memory which is mounted in holes on motherboard. Zombie PC A PC used by hackers, virus writers, spammers to spread their programs to other PCs to infect. These PCs will not have latest updates, AV programs or antispyware on them. Zorro Expansion slot used by Amiga Computers. ZX80 The first home Z80 based computer by Clive Sinclair. ZX81 The second home, Z80 based, computer by Clive Sinclair. ZX Spectrum A popular Z80 based computer by Clive Sinclair.

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