Letter C

C64 Commodore 64, a popular 8 bit home computer with 6510 processor, VIC-II graphics, SID chip, 64KB of RAM, BASIC, GEOS. C128 Commodore 128, an 8 bit computer with 8502 processor, Z80 processor, VIC-II-E graphics, SID sound, 128 KB of RAM which can also run CP/M OS for 'business' applications.
C/C++ High-level programming language for application software. Originally developed on Unix based systems to write operating systems and so on.
C# Microsoft's C sharp object orientated language similar to C++ and Java.
Cache A small area of memory or disk space for very fast access to data. Modern processors have small Cache RAM to store machine code instructions or data for fast access rather than goto slower main memory.
CCD Charged Coupled Device. Made up of millions of light sensitive components used in Digital Cameras.
CCFL Cathode Fluorescent Lights. CCFL is used for backlighting of LCD TV screens.
CD Compact Disc. Contains audio, video or 640MB of data. Requires CD ROM drive.
CD-R CD Recordable. Device which can record data or audio onto special gold recordable CDs.
CDROM CD Read Only Memory. Read only device to read gold or silver compact discs.
CD-RAM Rewritable CD disks which can hold around 5.2GB of information on rectanglar shaped disks.
CD-RW CD Read Write. Device which can write, erase and rewrite data onto CD-RW CDs.
Celeron Low cost pentium type Intel chips for home computers. The modern
equivalent is the Intel i3 chip. CentOS Community ENterprise OS linux based on the source code from Red Hat Enterprise.
CGA Color Graphics Adapter. First colour standard for PCs.
CGI Common Gateway Interface. Programs used on the web in either C, VBasic or Java for dynamic web content.
Chunky Graphics Uses one or bytes to describe the colour of a single pixel on the screen. Ideal for 3D graphics and very fast for lots of colours. Most Graphics Cards use this method.
Chip An electronic component in many computer systems. Contains thousands or millions of miniature circuits designed to do a specific task. Usually made of silicon.
Chipset Chips that govern the motherboards features and controls access for the main processor to memory, I/O and storage facilities.
Chrome A Web Browser created by Google. See Google Chrome. ChromeBook A low cost computer using Google's ChromeOS (similar to Android for phones).
CICS Customer Information Control System. A transaction server by IBM that does interactive processing of customer information by many financial institutions.
CISC Complex Instruction Set Chip. Type of processors with lots of instructions, some of which can do multiple tasks. The Motorola 680x0 and Intel processor series are CISC processors.
Citrix Company that specialises in networking and cloud applications. CLI Command Line Interface such as Command or CMD on DOS or Windows, Shell on AmigaOS or Unix (sh, csh, bash etc). Clock A microprocessor has a built in clock (or oscillator) whuch determines the speed/frequency of the processor to regulate the running of machine code and fetching of data from memory. Measured in MHz,GHz.
Cloud Another name for the internet.
CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide SemiConductor. Battery backed memory to store basic hardware settings for BIOS.
CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Modern colour combinations for devices such as Inkjet printers. COBOL COmmon Business Orientated Language is a common programming languages used on mini or main frames for data manipulation eg databases etc.
Codec Coder/Decoder for different media formats such as AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, Realplayer, WMA, WMP and DivX formats.
Coercion Method used in AmigaOS to determine which frequency to use when different screen modes are used at the same time.
COM port Communications or Serial port used for mice and external modems mainly and peer-to-peer network with another computer.
COM Component Object Model. A system created by Microsoft in 1993 to enable interprocess communication and dynamic object creation in programs.
Commodore Commodore Business Machines developed calculators and computers including, the PET, VIC 20, C64, C128 and Amiga. Compact Flash A type of solid state memory that is very fast and keeps its contents when power is removed. Widely used with digital cameras.
Compiler Converts a high-level language to machine code programs. BASIC and C/C++ compilers exist. May include other utilities such as Debug utilties, profilers and optimisers.
Composite TV signal which can be used in Video or PAL modes only, better than RF type signals but poorer quality than RGB signals.
Computer An electronic device that stores, recalls and processes information.
Console A device which allows a Command Line Interface or Shell for entering DOS commands onto a scrollable window. Commands include DIR, COPY, TYPE etc.
Control Panel Main configuration window for Windows 3.1/9x/NT for control over look and feel of the Desktop environment. Cookie A small file that contains user session data when using certain web sites.
Core This can refer to a discreet CPU or processor that occurs on a multi-processor chip. Examples, include Intel's Core 2, i5 series. Cortana The main search program provided with Windows 10. as well as keyboard input, it can also answer questions with natural speech via microphone.
CP/M Control Program for Microcomputers. An operating system by Digital Systems that managed early 8/16 bit computers such as Intel 8080/8085 and Zilog Z80 processors. CPU Central Processing Unit. The Intel x86 series are CPUs. Also known as a Processor.
Crash Refers to a situation when the computer fails due to a software failure or some sort of hardware fault. A Reboot or restart is required to regain control of the computer.
CRT Cathode Ray Tube. Uses RGB `guns` to produce colour screens on a phospher based screen.
CSS Cascade Style Sheets. A table of objects and attributes that apply to a web page.
CSV Comma Seperated Values. Common file format for data storage which is sharable between different applications.
Cursor A flashing or hightlighted block indicating the text insertion point. Seen on CLI, Text Editors and Word Processors.
Cyrix Name of manufacturer of x86 compatible processor chips.

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