Letter V

VAX Early 32 bit processor by DEC using CISC architecture and used in computers such as PDP-11, VAX-11/780. Ran VAX/VMS OS, BSD Unix, Ultrix-32 etc. VAX = Virtual address extension. VB Visual Basic. Microsoft's easy to use programming language for Windows based PCs. VBA Visual Basic for Applications. Macro language for PC software such as Microsoft's Office. VBOX A virtual machine configuration used by Oracle VirtualBox software. VBS Visual Basic Scripting is used to write small programs to automate specific tasks. Requires WSH. VDI A Virtual Disk Image used by Virtual Box software. VESA Video Electronics Standards Association. See also VL. VGA Video Graphics Adaptor. Name given to 16 colour or better computer displays on PC computers at 640 x 480. Can also refer to the 15 pin video port on computers. (See SVGA, XGA and SXVGA). VHD Virtual Hard Disk format used by Microsoft virtualisation such as Virtual PC and Hyper-V. Enhanced VHDX used on Hyper-V for upto 64 TB. VIC 20 An early 8-bit Commodore home computer with 20KB ROM, 5KB RAM, 6502 processor, VIC (Video Interface Chip) graphics. VIC chip also used on C64. Video A device which can display text or graphics. Video sometimes refers to television and video recorder. A Genlock can be used to combine video and computer displays. Virtual Disk A disk represented as file used in a Virtualisation system. Common formats: VHDX, VHD, VMDX, VDI. Virtual Memory A method in which main memory can be extended to use the hard disk as memory. Also known as a Pagefile or Swapspace. Not very fast. Virtual Network A seperate network run over a physical network in a Virtualisation system. Virtualisation The ability to run an operating on top of another operating system and use virtual hardware. Examples include VMWare, Virtual PC/Server, Hyper-V Server, Virtual Box, Fusion, Parrallels, QEmu. Virus A malicious program which can destroy programs and data by infecting other programs or bootblocks. They can also cause strange things to happen while your computer is on. Most viruses are written in machine code, VBA, VBS or Javascript on PCs. Vista Version of Windows for client PCs in 2007 which replaces Windows XP. VL Video Local bus. Faster slot for video which came after ISA. VLAN Virtual Local Area Network. Similar to a physical LAN but split at the source on a Switch for instance. VMCS Virtual machine control structure for data structures per VM in memory.
VMWare Company that produces computer virtualisation software such as ESX, vSphere and Workstation. See VMware. VMDK A VMware disk image used by VMWare's ESX or Workstation software. VMS Virtual Memory System. An operating by Digital Equipment Corp for its PDP and VAX mini-computers. Now known as OpenVMS. VNC Virtual Network Computing is a graphical desktop sharing tool that uses the RFB protocol to control another computer. VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol. Telephone system using the TCP/IP protocol to send audio information. For example, Skype. Voodoo Name given to a highly regarded 3D graphics addon to produce fast and detailed 3D graphics. VPN Virtual Private Network. A secure point-to-point network over the internet to a work's intranet. VRAM Video Random Access Memory. Memory for access by video or graphics cards only. VT-x Intel's hardware virtualisation. Enables the system to install and run virtual machines using software such as Hyper-V, VMware and VirtualBox. VxD Virtual Device driver for 32-bit Windows which allows multi- tasking possible sharing the same devices.

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