Letter R

Radeon Common supplier of graphics chipsets and cards. RADIUS Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service. Provides authentication protocol for remote access to LANs. Exmaples, include FreeRadius,
Clearpass and Microsoft NPS. RAID Redundant Array of Independant Disks. Allows a number of disks to be contected to give increased disk security and performance using stripping (RAID 0), mirroring (RAID 1) or mirroring with parity (RAID 5), mirroring with striping (RAIN 10). RAM Random Access Memory. Refers to Main Memory which temporarily stores data and programs for processing by the Processor. Size is measured in KiloBytes or MegaBytes. RAMBUS Type of high speed memory at 600 or 800MHz and between 1.1 and 1.6Gb/sec bandwidth with 97% efficiency over older SDRAM. RAM Disk Uses memory to temporarily store files. The Amiga has two kinds RAM: which dynamically grows/shrinks and RAD: which can keep its contents even after a reboot but is fixed in size. RAR Roshal ARchive. An archive format that supports compression, error recovery and file spanning. Developed by a Russian engineer called Eugene Roshal. See Winrar. RARP Reverse Address Resolution Protocol. Used to resolve IP addresses with Ethernet hardware addresses. Replaced by DHCP. RAS Remote Access Service for internet access on Windows NT/2000. RAW Raw Graphics Format that is used by some Digital Cameras to produce either uncompressed or lossless formats to keep photo content but takes up more space than JPEG or TIFF equivalents. RDRAM Rambus Direct RAM. A very new type of memory that may replace SDRAM/DIMMs with Rimms (Rambus Memory Modules). Runs at 1.6GB/sec. Realtek Common supplier of computer hardware including sound, network devices. Realtime Refers to processes which are time critical. QNX is a real time Operating System. Red Hat A popular and professional version of Linux. Register Name of a special memory location on a Processor. Used by programs to store data about to be processed. Registry Database used by Windows to store OS and application information, preferences and settings. Use RegEdit to view the registry. Reinstall Process in which a program is copied back on to computer over a previous installation of a program. This process is used when a program has stopped working properly. Requester A window with a choice of files or list of choices to be selected from. Rexx An Inter Program Communication language developed by IBM. Used by programs to process data and pass it to other programs. RFB Remote FrameBuffer protocol used for remote desktop control used by VNC. RFC Request For Comments. Documentation for networking standards. RGB Red Green Blue. Name of three colours used by Monitors and TVs to display colour. RIP Routing Information Protocol. Protocol used to exchange information between routers to distribute network address and connection (gateway) information. RISC Reduced Instruction Set Chip. Replaces the CISC (Complex) processors with fewer but faster machine code instructions. Example includes ARM processors used on Archimedes computer and Apple Silicon. RockRidge Standard filesystem used on Amiga CD disks for long file names. Rogue Dialer A program that replaces a users standard ISP dial number with a more expensive version at the user's expense. ROM Read Only Memory. Similar to RAM but cannot be written to, does not loose contents when the computer is turned off. The PC has a ROM chip called the BIOS. Rosetta A translator used on MacOS to run PowerPC apps on Intel Macs or Intel apps on ARM M1 Mac. See Apple developer site. Router Special network hub which can route data from one network to another via special rules configured in the router. As well as Ethernet networks they can be used to connect to the Internet via ADSL. RMS Root Mean Squared. Accurate measurement of audio output. RPC Remote Procedure Call. Used by Windows computers to communicate to other Windows PCs over TCP/IP networks. RPG Report Program Generator. Language used on IBM mainframes such as IBM 1401, System/3 and System/38 machines. RPG Role Playing Game is usually a game where you play a character in an adventure type game. RPM Revolutions Per Minute. Number of times a disc revolves 360 degrees every minute. Hard disks can now achieve upto 15,000rpm! RS232 Standard for serial ports to control or send or recieve data to or from other devices such as early printers and communication devices such as modems. RSA Rivest Shamir Aldeman encryption algorithm using a public key encryption scheme. RSS Really Simple Syndication uses XML to send headlines and other content over the web. Requires a reader to make full use of it. RTB Return to Base warranty. If your PC goes wrong, you need to send the PC to your dealer for repair. RTC Real Time Clock. Small component to keep accurate time on a computer. RTF Rich Text Format. A document format common between some text editors and Word Processors which is cross platform compatible. RTM Return to Manufacturing. Software released and ready to burn to CD by manufacturer. RTMP Real-Time Messaging Protocol. Old streaming protocol by Macromedia. It is dependant
on the Flash Player so use is limited now. RTMP ingest is still usable for easy access to encoders. RTST Real-Time Streaming Protocol. A video streaming protocol used for media sessions between endpoints for low-latency streaming such as IP camera feed, IoT device and mobile SDKs. RTS Real Time Strategy game are usually war games like Dune, Command & Conquer where good strategy is needed to win.

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