Letter T

Tablet A computer consisting of just an approx A5 sized screen with no keyboard or mouse and used user's touch to control it. Examples include Apple iPad, Android and Amazon's Kindle tablet. TCP/IP Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. The main protocol or standards used to communicate over the internet. Teaming Teaming is used in networks to combine two networks cards to appear as one card to improve bandwidth and failover. Telnet Program used to login directly to other computers over the internet and enter commands. See SSH. Terminal Server Used by Windows NT/2000 to allow client computers to logon to another PC or server without being at the server itself. Texas Instruments A US Company that produces calculators, computers, and many other exectronic devices.
TFT Thin Film Transistor. Provides very flat Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) for high performance graphics for Laptop computers.
Thread A concurrent process or execution of code, independent from other code in the same program. Thunderbird A free open source E-mail program by Mozilla used on Windows, Mac and Linux. Thunderbolt New connector found on Apple Macs for high performance connectivity with 10Gbps speed to allow connection to RAID arrays and video capture devices. TI-99/4A The TI-99/4 and TI-99/4A were early home computers by Texas Instruments. T&L Transform and Lighting are features of modern graphics card Graphics Processor for high resolution and detailed graphics. TLS Transport Layer Security. Replaces older SSL methods to encrypt data over networks. Touch A method of user input using user's fingers on either a touchpad or touch screen to select or manipulate items on the screen. Trojan A malicious program disguised as another program that looks harmless eg demos, games, prank, tool etc. See Virus. TrueType Name of outline type fonts used on PCs. (TTF fonts) TV Out Television output. Some graphics cards allow TV and Video records to be attached to TV out ports on some graphic cards such as the ATI All-in-Wonder. TV Tuner Add on card that provides access Television channels. TWAIN Technology Without An Interesting Name. This is a standard API for Scanners and Cameras to grab pictures or video into a computer.

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