Letter N

N64 Nintendo 64 game console. Uses a NEC VR4300 CPU, SGI graphics and game cartridges like the SNES before it. NAS Network Attached Storage. A computer which supplied large amounts of disk storage for access by other computers or from clients. NAT Network Address Translation. Converts between public IP address and private IP addresses for internal networks (Intranets). .NET Microsoft new name for Web based technology. The Framework can be installed on PCs and programs can be developed with Visual Studio .NET. NetBIOS Network Basic Input/Output System. See Netbeui. NetBeui Netbios Enhanced User Interface. A simple network protocol that provides fast local networking for small groups of PCs. First appeared in Windows for Workgroups. Main disadvantage is that is not routable like TCP/IP. NetBSD A Unix operating system by Berkley Software Distribution. Netscape Web browser developed after Mosaic and in competition with IE. See Firefox. Netware A network operating system developed by Novell Inc. Network A group or computers or devices connected by a wired or wireless communication system using protocols such as TCP/IP. Neural Network An artificial neural network or connectionist system inspired by biological neural networks in animals. NewsGroup Special message area on News Servers for specific interests where people can read messages on specific subjects and write their own. Available on the Internet. NIC Network Interface Card. An expansion to allow connection to a LAN. NNTP Network News Transport Protocol. Used for NewsGroups on internet. Node.js Advanced event-driven runtime for Javascript. Northbridge High performance interface chip for the processor, AGP and memory communications. See also Southbridge. NoSQL NoSQL database. A non-relational type of database E.g. Mongol. NT New Technology. Microsoft`s amibition is to have a true 32/64 bit operating system for all PCs. Examples, Windows NT, 2000 and XP etc. NTFS New Technology Filing System. Highly reliable and secure file system for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. NTP Network Time Protocol. Used to synchronise date/time on computers. NTSC National Television Standards Committee. North American TV format 640x200. Nvidea Common supplier of graphics chipsets and cards Eg. Geforce, GTX.

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