Letter M

MAC Media Access Control address or Hardware Address of a Network Card. Use IPCONFIG to find the MAC address of a Network Card on Windows, or IFCONFIG (interface config) on unix and linux systems. Machine Code Programs written for a specific processor, usually Assembled or Compiled from a Development System e.g. C/C++, BASIC etc. Macintosh Computer developed by Apple Inc. Also known as a Mac. Mac OS X Operating System for Apple Macintosh which is based on BSD Unix and NeXT and Apple's Aqua desktop interface. It can run on PowerPC and Intel processors only on Apple hardware. Macro A simple program script to do a simple or complex task regularly. Microsoft products use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to write macros. Magnetic Form of media to store digital information on magnetic media. Includes magnetic tape, magentic drums, magnetic code, floppy and hard disks. Mailing List Sending E-Mails about a particular subject to a list of subscribers. An alternative to news groups but tend to be relatively short term and managed. MAK Multiple Activation Key. A key code to activate Microsoft Windows or applications for a specific number of devices. Malware Software that is malicious such as viruses, trojans, worms, spyware etc. MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface. Used by Email clients to directly connect to an Email account on MS Exchange servers. Microsoft Outlook uses MAPI. See also MAPI over HTTP. MariaDB An open source database equivalent to MySQL. MBR Master Boot Record. Portion of hard disk containing partitioning and Boot information. FDISK /MBR can rewrite an MBR and /IR can preserve the MBR during installation. MCP Microsoft Certified Professional. MCSE Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. MCT Microsoft Certified Trainer. MCTS Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. MSCA Microsoft Certified Administrator. MSCE Microsoft Certified Engineer. MDA Monochrome Display Adapter. First black and white display type. MegaBits Refers to millions of bits (0s and 1s). 1Mb equals 128 Kilobytes. One eighth of a Megabyte. MegaBytes Refers to millions of bytes. 1MB is equal to 1024x1024 or 1,048,576 bytes. Memory Usually refers to RAM (Random Access Memory) or Main Memory which is used to temporarily store executing programs and data. The Amiga has two kinds: Chip RAM and Fast RAM. Sometimes, incorrectly refers to disk storage by some people. Menu Produces a list of choices such as programs or particular functions. Windows can have Pull down menus from applications e.g. File, Edit, View, Help etc or Pop up menus, when you right click on an icon. MHz Mega Hertz, speed of the timing crystal in millions of cycles per second to synchronize data transmitted through a computer. Microdrive Miniturised hard disk in the form of a CompactFlash card for use in PDAs and Digital Cameras. Microsoft The company that develops and produces Windows, Office, and server products for the PC. MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Standard used to transmit data across a chain of music instruments using a standard data format. MIME Multipurpose Internet Multimedia Extensions. Tells mail applications what sort of data is contained in a message and encodes data to be sent via Internet mail systems using Base64 or Quote-Printable. MiniDisc A Storage media disk for audio data created by Sony. Minix Mini-Unix operating system based on a microkernel by Andew Tenabaum. MLP Microsoft License Pak. MMO Massive Multiplayer Online games are usually RPG games with 100's or 1000's of players who play in a fantasy world. Examples are Everquest and World of Warcraft. MMX MultiMedia eXtensions. Special instructions added to the x86 intruction set to provide faster and efficient processing of large amounts of data such as graphics, sound and streaming data. MOD Music Module. Name of other types of music files produced by other tracker programs. Modem Modulator/Demodulator. Converts digital signals to analogue signals and vice versa over telephone lines. Speeds can range from 2400 to 56000 baud. Monitor A display output device for use on computers. Consists of a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) to display colours and may have built in speakers for sound. Moore's Law States that computing power doubles every 12 to 18 months by doubling the number of transisters on a chip. Motherboard Main circuit board that contains the processor, memory, chips, slots and so on needed to base a computer on. Mouse A device with rolling ball and buttons for use on a Graphical Interface such as Windows. Controls an arrow or pointer on the screen. Mosaic One of the first ever web browsers by NCSA. Mozilla Open Source web browser, Firefox and Netscape is based on this. MPEG Motion Picture Expert Group. Type of 'losy' compression used in video or music. Commonly used with VideoCD and DVD. MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System. First disk/file management Operating system for IBM Compatible PCs. Last version is 6.22. MSI Microsoft Installer file. File used to install programs using Microsoft's Installer program e.g. Office. MSU Microsoft Update file. File used to patch or update existing apps. MTBF Mean Time Before Failure. Average life expectancy of hardware. Multimedia Combination of text, graphics and sound for a presentation such as games, demos and information packages such as Encarta. MultiProcessing Ability to share processor time between multiple chips for example the Amiga can share some tasks between the central CPU and the Chipset. Multisync Advanced typed of Monitor which has a wide range of frequencies such as the Microvitec 1438 or 1440 etc. Multitasking Ability to process more than one program at a time by using a system of timeslicing (allocating a certain length of time for processing), priorities and interrupts. True multi-tasking is Pre-Emptive, that is the OS does the scheduling, but Co-operative is dependant on the programs giving up time for other programs to run. Multithreading Ability of a single CPU to provide multiple threads of execution cocurrently. MultiUser Allows more than one user to use the same computer at the same time such as a Server role or at different times on a Desktop computer. Windows 9x supprts multiple users via Family Login to give different desktops for each user. Windows NT Server and Linux supports multi users at the same time. MVP Microsoft Most Valuable Professional is awarded to top-end professioanls. MySQL A Structure Query Language database application used on Unix/Linux systems.

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