Letter K

KDE K Desktop Environment. A desktop graphical interface for Linux systems. Kerberos Authentication security system used on Windows 2000 Server and above and other OSs. Kernel The heart of an operating system which manages and loads application programs and loads drives as and when required by the system. Keyboard Input device consisting of typewriter style QWERTY keyboard layout with letters, digits, symbols and special function keys. KeyLogger A program that records key strokes to gather private information such as usernames, passwords, account numbers, pins etc to gain unauthorised information. See Spyware. Key Server Software concurrency license server by Sassafras. Kilobits Number of bits in thousands. 1Kb is equal to 1024 bits or (1024/8) 128 bytes. Kilobytes Number of bytes in thousands. 1KB is equal to 1024 bytes (2^10).
Kindle Tablet designed by Amazon for reading electronic books. KMS Key Management Services. Service to provide product key codes to activate Microsoft Windows and Office systems.

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