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Abstract An abstract class is a base class in a hierarchy that cannot be made an instance of due to a virtual function as a member. AC-3 Dolby Digital Surround Sound system. Access A file based database application, part of Microsoft Office. Acorn Computers Company that produced the Electron, BBC A/B/Master and Archimedes (RISC) computers. They also developed the ARM processor used in Apple products. ACPI Advanced Configuration Power Interface. Power management for computer hardware incl. power on/off, sleep, hibernation etc. ActiveX Microsoft language to provide dynamic HTML content. ADA A programming language developed by the DoD to replace its 450 programming languages used in embedded systems. Ada is name after Ada Lovelace, the very first programmer. ADF Amiga Disk Format. Image of an Amiga floppy disk. Used for emulators such as Fellow, DOSUAE and Winuae. Adobe Company that produces popular graphics and design applications. ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. High speed network over dedicated digital lines. Average speeds at 8Mbps downstream and 768Kbps upstream. See ThinkBroadband Web site. Adware Programs or popups used to advertise products or collect private information on browser use for use by advertisers See Spyware.
AES Advanced Encryption Standard or Rjindael using 128, 192 or 256 key bit lengths.
AGA Advaced Graphics Architechure used on Amiga 1200 and 4000 models. Agnus A Chip used in early Amigas for Chip memory management, the Copper and the Blitter. AHCI Advanced Host Controller Interface. Used by SATA drives to provide higher speeds, hot swapping and native command queuing which is not offered in IDE modes. Turning it off or switching to IDE emulation will allow earlier versions of Windows to be installed. AIT Advanced Intelligent Tape is magentic tape format based on DAT format but was four times the capacity. Ideal for backup storage. ALGOL ALGOrithmic Language used mainly for Scientific computations, not widely used as COBOL or Fortran. See ALGOL. AGP Advanced or Accelerated Graphics Port. Very fast expansion port for graphics card in PCs and new Power Macs. Air Adobe Air is a plugin to develop rich web applications. Alice Memory Chip in 1200 or 4000 for AGA for 2MB Chip ram. Replaces Agnus chip. Alpha Software in early stages of development with many features not available and bugs not removed yet. Probably unstable as well. Alpha A 64 bit Processor developed by DEC, also known as Alpha AXP with RISC architecture. Used by OS such as OpenVMS, Tru64 Unix, Windows NT, Linux, BSD etc AMD Advanced Micro Devices. Manufacturer of x86 compatible processors such as the K6-2, K6-3 and Athlon and also the AMD Radeon graphics chipsets. AMD64 AMD's 64 bit expansion of their x86 processors to add 64 bit capability. AMD-V AMD's hardware virtualisation technology to support Hyper-V, VMWare, VirtualBox etc.

Amiga Range of 16/32 bit computers produced by Commodore in mid 1980s. More information on AmigaOS Wiki. AMR Audio, Modem Riser. New slot for software based modems and audio cards. Usually looks like a very short brown slot near PCI slots. Amstrad Alan M. Sugar Trading company. Took over Sinclair's Spectrum and released new versions including Spectrum 128. Also released Amstrad CPC and PC computers. Android Name of open source operating system for SmartPhones and tablet devices developed by Google. See Android.com. ANSI American National Standards Institute. See ANSI website. AOL America On Line. Propietary Internet provider using their own software to provide a `portal` to the internet. Apache Open Source community that runs Apache HTTP Web Server used widely on
Unix,Linux and Mac Systems. The TomCat version includes Java scripting.
Apache also runs OpenOffice, Netbeans, Cloudstack and other projects. API Application Programmer's Interface. The frontend of programs and functions need to write applications for a given system. DirectX is the API for games and multimedia applications. APM Advanced Power Management. Software control over power saving features of the PC. App Application that runs on a device from a Phone to a Computer. Apple Apple Inc. is the developer and producer of the Apple Mac computer, iPod, iPhone and iPad products. macOS and IOS are its main operating systems. AppStore Application online store to make it easier to locate and install applications available for computer or a mobile phone. APU Accelerated Processing Unit which combines a general CPU and graphics GPU and other components such as memory controller and video decoder. Arc An older compression method. Superceeded by ZIP and LHA. ARP Address Resolution Protocol. Converts Ethernet MAC addresses to IP addresses. Allows Broadcasting on LANs. ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Code for displaying letters, numbers and symbols on computers. ASIO Audio System Input/Output. Provides direct access to audio hardware to reduce latency. ASP Active Server Pages. Dynamic programming language for HTML which can be written in Visual Studio or the older Visual Interdev. ASP Application Service Provider. Rather like an ISP but provides application software for business over a network or internet. ASPX Active Server Page framework based on Microsoft's .NET framework. See ASP.NET docs. ASR Automatic System Recovery. Feature of Windows Me/2001 which will protect system files from being overwritten by invalid or older system files. Assembler Program to produce machine code from Assembly language programs. Assembly Assembly language. Programmers use a symbolic language to produce one-to-one instructions as the machine code equivalent. Used for speed and low-level functions. AT Advanced Technology. For 80x86 based processors or higher. ATAPI AT Attachment Packet Interface. Standard used for IDE devices such as CD ROM drives. (ATA) Atari Games company that used produce consoles such as the Atari VCS, Atari 400, 800, the Atari ST and an upcoming AtariBox console. Athlon High speed processor by AMD. Compatible with Intel's x86 processors. Athlon64 AMD's new 64 bit processor to replace older 32 bit processors. Similar to Intel's Itanium but retains some 32 bit compatibility. ATX A standard motherboard (and case) size with Power Management.
AVX Advanced Vector Extensions provides 256 integer commands and Fused Multiply add (FMA).
AWARD Name of a common BIOS chip manufacturer. (Now part of Phoenix). AWS Amazon Web Services. Provide cloud-based computing services for companies.
Azure Microsoft's cloud-based computing services for companies.

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