Letter I

IBM International Business Machines. The first company to make a Personal Computer. iCloud Apple's internet based storage for its Macs, iPod, iPad and iPhone. ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol. Low level information on IP data packets e.g. PING uses the ICMP protocol. Icon A picture representation of something on the screen of a program or a file. Windows saves icons as .ICO files, they also can be embedded within DLL or EXE files. ICQ I Seek You. Special protocol that allows people to find out if some one is online on the internet and then allow to communicate with them. ICS Internet Connection Sharing. A feature of Windows 98 allowing more than one computer to share a single connection to the Internet. IDE Intelligent Drive Electronics. Name of interface for Hard Disks and CD ROMs. EIDE or Enhanced IDE allowed Hard disks of 512M or larger. IEEE Institute of Electrical Engineers. Produces standards for new computer/electronic components e.g. IEEE 1394 is Firewire,
IEEE 802.3 is Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 is Wireless etc. IExplorer Internet Explorer. Microsoft's web browser, developed from NCSA's Mosaic. IFF Interchangable File Format. Agreed file format between Commodore and Electronic Arts. Used extensively for graphics (ILBM), sound (8SVX), animation (ANIM) and documents (FTXT). IIS Internet Information Service. Microsoft's Web Server program used with Windows desktop and Windows Server. ILBM InterLeaved BitMap format used for Amiga Graphics files. First used with DPaint by Electronic Arts. iMac Consumer version of the Apple Mac starting with the Bondi blue all in one case model with G3 Processor and Mac OS 8.1 or later. INF Information file giving details about a specific peripheral. They are stored in C:\Windows\INF and contain text. INFO Information files used by Amiga computers to store icon graphics, tool name and stack sizes for programs. Install Refers to procedure to install software or hardware onto a computer. Software install covers copying files to a drawer on the hard disk of a computer, set up a register files for operating system and if necessary set up icons for user access to the software. Intel Developer and manufacture of the Intel 80x86 processor, Pentium, Itanium, Core i3, i5, i7 and Xeon processors used on the majority of PCs and Servers. Interlace Screen display by doubling the number lines on the screen by interlacing two raster displays together. For example, PAL has 256 lines, interlaced PAL has 512 lines. Internet Global network of computer using TCP/IP for its method of transmission of data. Covers E-Mail, Newsgroups, FTP, Telnet and the WWW. Interpreter Program which converts a high level language to machine code while it is executing. Programs such as BASIC and ARexx use interpreters. Intranet Internal local network that may or may not be connected to to internet. IP Internet Protocol. Basic system used to transmit data over the internet using Unicast (IP to IP). IPv4 uses 4x 8 bit values, IPv6 uses 32 bit values for more addresses. IOS Apple's mobile operating system for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices.

IOS Cisco's internet operating system for its routing and switching network hardware. IoT Internet of Things is a system of interrelated devices, objects, animals or people with unique ids and ability to transfer data over a network. iPad Apple's large screen sized tablet which uses iOS for its interface. It has a 9.7 inch screen, dual-core A5 processor, Wi-Fi, 3G support, and touch screen. iPhone Apple's touchscreen mobile phone product which initially required a contract with AT&T in US or O2 in UK etc. iPod Apple's mobile MP3 music player which has dominated the music player market. Models, include iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod classic, and iPod Touch. IPX Internetwork Packet Exchange. Used by Novell Networks for its Netware networks. IRC Internet Relay Chat. Program used to chat to other people on the internet in real time. IRQ Interrupt Request Queue. An interrupt is used by peripherals to indicate to the processor that is ready to send or receive information from the device. PCs have 15 IRQs. ISA Industry Standard Architecture. Name given to expansion slots on older PCs. Now superceded by faster PCI slots. ISA Internet Security and Acceleration Server which is a Firewall and Web Proxy server by Microsoft. ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network. A digital network system which is faster than using modems over the telephone line. ISO International Standards Organisation. See web site. ISO9660 Standard in which CD discs are written in. The RockRidge standard is used for long filenames (PCs use Joliet). NB: ISO = International Standards Organisation. ISP Internet Service Provider. Company which setups and looks after your internet account. They provide an account name, and phone number to call with your modem. Itanium Intel's 64-bit CPU, the successor to the Pentium processor. Uses new 64-Bit core and a new assembly language and not of the disadvantages of the old x86 processor. iTunes Apple's media program to play music, films, video media. On latest versions of macOS it is split into Music, TV, Podcasts apps.

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