Windows XP Help

Web Server

In Windows XP Professional, you can set up a small web server so you can develop web pages and web applications and have it available to other computers
in your local network. It is called Internet Information Services (or IIS), for XP Home, you can use Apache instead.

a) Select Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs

b) Select Add/Remove Windows Components and click on Internet Information Services.

c) Click on Details and enable the following components:

Common Files, Documentation, Internet Information Services Snap-in and World Wide Web Publishing. Click OK.

d) Click Next to start the installation. Insert the Windows XP disc if necessary.

e) Click Finish when completed and close any open windows.

f) When IIS is installed it will add a new folder called C:\Inetpub and in it there will be a folder called wwwroot. This is where the
default web site is located. This is where you can save your web pages using your favourite web editor program.

g) Open a browser and enter http://localhost and you will get something like this:

h) You can configure your web server using the IIS Management console via the MMC console. Your first page
must be named default.htm, default.asp, or index.htm.

i) Other computers can then access your web site using http://<your computer's IP address> e.g.
To use a name you need a DNS server or an entry in your Hosts file (see C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc).

j) You can develop your website using any good HTML editor and save the web pages to c:\Inetpub\wwwroot.