Windows XP Help

Sharing Printers

As well as files and folders, you can also share printers that are connected to your computer such those cheap inkjet printers. This is very easy,
when you set up your printer, you can enable it to be shared (or share it after settings it up). Remember to turn off Simple Sharing option first.

a) Open the Printers and Faxes control panel. Click on Add Printer, click Next on the Welcome screen. Select whether its a local or
network printer.

b) Now select which port its on, can be either a LPT1 port or a USB port (use the detect option for these).

c) Now select the printer driver. For example, a Canon BJC 6000.

d) Now select a name for your Printer. The default will do in most cases.

e) Now select Share name and change the share name to something short and useful e.g. CanonBJC

f) Optionally, enter a location and description for the printer.

g) Now select whether you want to test the printer works, by sending a test page.

h) Finally, click Finish to complete setting up your printer.

i) So, if you login to another computer on the network, they can connect to the printer either via My Network Places, via the Add Printer wizard or
Start, Run, \\Computername\PrinterShare, to Connect to the printer. By default, drivers for Windows 2000 or XP or provided automatically, if using
older operating systems, then you can provide them in Additional Printers in the Sharing tab in the Properties of the printer. For newer Windows,
you can either pre-load the drivers or provide the drivers when connecting to the printer.