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Windows 11 FAQ

Windows 11 New Features

1. What is Windows 11 User interface?

Windows 11 now comes with an easily accessible dock, rather than the old start menu, to access Programs and settings.

Some Apps in the Microsoft Store are written in a new UWP API which uses unmanaged enhanced COM APIs.

2. What is the Windows Store?

It is a store for users to purchase and download Universal (UWP) and Windows Apps to install on Windows 10 or 11 machines.
Apps and other optional features can be installed via Settings, Apps, Apps & Features.

3. What has been removed or replaced in Windows 11?

The start menu and live tiles has been replaced with a Dock at the bottom of the screen.
Chat with Microsoft Teams is included to connect friends, family and work.
Snap Assist available to organise open windows and switch between them.
Widges included for photos, weather, news, stocks and other.
More device support including phone and tablet.
Windows Explorer is now named as File Explorer, it no longer has a traditional menu system, but now has a 'Ribbon' in the explorer window.
Microsoft Edge web browser will be the default, instead of Internet Explorer (which has been kept for backward compatibility).
The Snipping tool has been replaced with Snip & Sketch app.
The task bar functions have changed. People has removed, some system tray icons removed, cannot move the bar or customize it.
The Math Input Panel is replaced with Math Recogniser.
Default tools found in Windows 11 are not installed by default, such as 3d Viewer, OneNote, Paint 3D and Skype.
Windows S Mode is only available in Windows 11 Home Edition.

4. Does Windows 11 come with new Edge browser?

Windows 11 now comes with the new Chromium based Edge browser and it is the default web broser.

5. What is the Window Terminal?

Windows Terminal replaces the old Command Prompt type Window (since Windows NT) with a modernTerminal windows where you can launch different command shells such as PowerShell, Windows Powershell and Azure Cloud Shell.This is available for Preview from the Microsoft Store.

6. What is new in the new build of Windows 11?

You can read about new features for new builds of Windows 11 on the Version history page.

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