Windows 10

Windows 10 FAQ

Using Windows PE or RE Environment

1. What is Windows PE and what is it for?

Windows Pre-Installation Environment or Recovery Environment is the new environment for deploying or recovering Windows 10. It is now on version 4. You come across it when you first install Windows 10 on a new PC. Instead of a text based install screen like you did with Windows XP, it is now all graphical. Windows PE is also used when you want to deploy Windows over the network using Windows Deployment Services to new PCs.

2. Where can I get Windows PE or RE?

You can download the Windows Assesmment and Deployment Kit (ADK) from Microsoft Downloads.

The tools include the following:
* Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)
* Deployment Tools
* Windows Preinstallation Environment
* User State Migration Tool
* Volume Activation Management Tool
* Windows Performance Toolkit
* Windows Assessment Toolkit
* Windows Assessment Services - Client
* Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express

3. How do I create a Windows PE disc?

a) For Windows 10 1803 or earlier, Install the Windows ADK for your version of Windows, this comes with the Windows pe tools.
b) For Windows 10 1809 or later, install the Windows PE add-on for your version of Windows.
c) See instructions on creating a Windows PE disc.

4. How do I create a Windows RE (Recovery Environment) disk?

See these step by step instructions on creating a Windows RE partition.

5. Can I use a normal Windows DVD to recover my PC?

Yes, use Windows Media tool to download and create a DVD disc with full Windows on, then boot from it and use the Troubleshoot options
to repair or recover your PC.

Troubleshoot options