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Windows 10 FAQ

Windows 10 in the Cloud

1. How do I connect with the cloud?

You need a Windows account such as a hotmail or live address e.g. or
You can create one when you access and select Create free account.Alternatively, if are installing Windows 10, or already have Windows 10, you can run Settings, Accouts, and 'Add someone else to this PC', then 'Sign up for a new email address'.

Add account

2. Can I save documents to the cloud?

Yes, it is possible by using OneDrive. Savings documents to OneDrive, means that you can view, edit and manage your documents from anywhere from home, work or on the move. If you open File Explorer, you can see OneDrive listed. You can also share documents with others (they will need Microsoft accounts too).

One Drive

OneDrive also has access to web apps including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote, click on the app icon at the top left and select your application to work with.

Web apps

3. Can I communicate with my family and friends over the cloud?

Windows comes with Skype which includes voice communication over the internet, instant chat, video, conferencing , share screens and files. Visit the Skype or Teams site for download and more information. To learn skype, try this tutorial from How Stuff Works site and try this Teams demo.


4. What else can I use over the clould?

Windows 10 includes something called Live Tiles, which displays dynamic content such as the latest news headlines, weather, travel, sport, social network updates on the app's icon on the start menu. You can install new apps from the Windows Store for any additional apps for your favourite subject.


5. Can I use Windows Azure with Windows 10?

Yes, you can use Windows Azure with Windows 10. You can even join your PC to a Windows Azure AD domain.

6. Are there other cloud services I can use instead of Microsofts?

Yes, other big names include Apple's iCloud, Google Apps or Workspace, and Adobe such as Online photo editor and Acrobat Online.

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