Windows 2022 FAQ

Windows Accessories

Windows comes with the usual sort of accessory programs to play around with and these are listed under Programs, Accessories and we have various utilities and programs to create documents, manipulate pictures, play sounds, games and so on. These programs are listed below with more information for the new stuff.


These tools can now be found in the Control Panel, Ease of Access section.

Magnifier Program allows those with sight difficulties, to magnify portions of the screen to make it more readable
Narrator Program to speak out selected text and buttons and whats on screen to you
On-Screen Keyboard Program to allow you to use the mouse to type in characters and numbers instead of the keyboard
Speech Recognition Use a microphone to speak into to control the computer

Windows Accessories

System Tools

Calculator Program to work out simple or complex calculations. It a scientific mode for more complex calculations.
Character Map Displays character set from given Fonts and allow you insert them in your documents for the hard to find characters
Internet Explorer The old style web browser (Edge is new the browser)
Maths Input Panel Tool to allow entering of complex mathematical equations.
Notepad Simple text program to write notes or view log files, readme files and so on.
Paint Program to create or manipulate pictures or photos you have taken to your tastes
Remote Desktop Connection Program to allow users to remotely login to other computers which allow Remote Desktop connections (see System control panel).
Snipping Tool Program to grab portions of a screen, window, rectangle or free form areas into the clipboard to paste into another program.
Steps Recorder A program to record the steps to a file of a task performed. File saved as zip file containing a mht document.
Windows Media Player Program to play audio and video multimedia files.
Windows Server Backup Disk, File and folder backup tool.
WordPad A simple word processor program to quickly write some documents. Does not have any advanced stuff such as Spelling, Mail Merge and so on for advanced Word Processors such as Word, WordPerfect, Works which are available seperately.
XPS Viewer XPS File Viewer.

Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell Powershell
Windows PowerShell (x86) PowerShell (32 bit)
Windows PowerShell ISE Powershell editor
Windows PowerShell ISE (x86) Powershell editor (32 bit)

Windows System

Command Prompt Command terminal or shell for comand line tools
Control Panel Traditional Windows preferences and settings
File Explorer Folder and File management
Run Quickly run commands
Task Manager View processes, performance, user, details and services.
This PC Display PC's Folders, devices and drives.
Windows Administrative Tools Microsoft management tools

These tools do not appear in the menus (use Windows+R to run them):

CredWiz Credentials Wizard (backup or restore stored usernames and passwords)
Dialer Phone dialer tool
MdSched Memory Diagnostics
MsInfo32 System Information tool
Netplwiz Network wizard (User Accounts)
Regedt32 Registry Editor
ResMon Resource Monitor
SigVerify Verify signature of files and drivers.
Sysprep System preperation for cloning of the hard disk.
VerifierGui Driver verifier tool


Windows Apps

Settings, Apps, Apps and Features, Manage Optional features

Optional Feature Description
Supplemental Fonts Additional fonts by language
Downlevel NLS Sorting Versions National Language Support version support.
Enterprise Cloud Print Print over internet
Graphics Tools Tools for graphics
Internet Explorer 11 Web browser
Maths Recogniser Recognise complex math equations
Microsoft Paint Simple paint package
MSIX Packaging Tool Create installation packages
Mopria Cloud Service Cloud printing service
Notepad Text Editor
OpenSSH Client OpenSSH based secured shell client
Print Management Printer and print management
RIP Listener Routing Information Protocol network listener tool.
Steps Recorder Record tasks to a file (see instructions)
Windows Media Player Music and video player.
Windows PowerShell ISE Powershell integrated script editor
Windows Storage Management Manage disk and storage
WordPad Simple word processing app
XPS Viewer XPS File Viewer

Additional features can be accessed via More Windows Features link, which is normally accessible via Programs and Features control panel.

New Features for Windows 2019

Feature Description
Microsoft Edge New web browser and PDF viewer. See Edge downloads.
Notepad++ More advanced text editor for Windows. See Notepad++.
Git for Windows Deploy software and web content direct to your server from GitHub using Git tools.