Windows Vista Help

Peter's Windows Vista Compatibility List

Updated: 16/07/07

I have a custom PC which originally had Windows XP Professional installed, I have recently upgraded to Windows Vista and the results are mixed, the majority of my hardware works fine and also the majority of my software with a few that refuse to install or work correctly.

I have an Windows Vista HP OEM Disk, which can only do a Clean Install of Windows. Fortunately, it did not format my drive but moved the old C:\windows, C:\Documents and Settings and C:\Program Files in to a C:\Windows.old folder. Fortunately, I have a lot of room on my HD.

Outlook Express has been replaced with Windows Mail and stores mail and contacts differently. Had to use the File, Import facility in Mail to import my old OE mail and address book into Mail. Email is now stored as seperate .eml files and contacts are stored in Contacts folder in my profile as seperate files. Note: using IMAP is better than POP3 as no mail migration is required.

To support my older software, I have set up a dual boot with Windows XP. Note, that if you install Windows XP -after- vista you have to configure Boot files using BCDEdit (see part 3).


Hardware device Make and Model Drivers
Motherboard Gigabyte KT400 GA-7VAXP Gigabyte VIA 4in1
Processor Athlon XP 2100 1.7GHz Found ok
Graphics Card ATI Radeon 9800 (AGP) Replaced Microsoft drivers with ATI drivers
Network Card Realtek RTL8139 Found ok
Sound Card Creative Xi-Fi Creative
PCI TV Capture Card TOP10 WDM TW6800 Not compatible, I can use XP driver but the software is unsupported.
USB 2 Drivers VIA Found ok
MPU 401 MIDI VIA Not supported!
Game Port Joystick Gravis Destroyer Not supported!
Game Port Joypad Gamestar evolution Not supported!
Scanner CanoScan LIDE 30 Canon USA have drivers
Inkjet Printer Epson C42+ Found ok
Laser Printer Brother HL1270N Found ok
Monitor NEC LV17m Found ok
USB Joystick Ariston Ares Found ok
USB Joypad Logic 3 Found ok after installing drivers.


Title Vista Compatible Notes and links
Windows Defender Yes It is already supplied with Vista.
EditPad Lite Yes  
Filezilla (FTP) Yes  
Firefox 2 Yes  
iTunes 7 Yes It has some issues, but works
Quicktime 7 Yes It had some stability problems but works
Java 1.6 Yes  
iPod Nano Yes It detected the iPod ok
Tortoise SVN Yes  
McAfee VirusScan v12 Yes  
McAfee Spamkiller Yes  
The Master Genelogist v6 Yes Install it to C:\Apps instead of C:\Program files as it needs R/W access to its Programs folder to stop the error messages.
Winace 2.6.5i Yes  
Spectaculator Yes Spectaculator
Audio Converter 5.5 Yes  
WordPerfect Office X3 Yes Quattro Pros menus are boxed but fine otherwise, install SP2 when prompted in WP program. Get Regedit errors in Quattro Pro.
Quicken 2004 No It fails to load up, had to replace this with Personal Accountz which should be installed in a user folder or C:\Apps.
Paint Shop Pro 7 Yes  
Paint Shop Pro X (upgrade) Yes  
Dreamweaver 4 Yes An error appears when exiting but seems ok.
Steam client Yes  
Amiga Forever 2006 Yes  
Winuae 1.3.4 Yes  
Acrobat Reader 8 Yes  
Black Hawk Down Yes  
Civilisation 4 Yes Requires latest patch v1.61
Brothers in Arms: EIB No Fails to install, no window appears.
Nero 6 Reloaded No Known stability problems. I haven't tried this yet.
Virtual PC 2004 No  
Virtual PC 2007 Yes IT works, but complains about being an unsupported OS. Try VirtualBox instead.
eBay Turbo Lister Yes  
AmigaDE Yes
Winguide Yes Aminet
Elf Bowling Yes NStorm
HTML Help Workshop Yes Sometimes fails to save help file, removing path from filename helps.
4D 2003 Yes  
Alien Attack Yes Miniclip
Real Player 10 Gold Yes  
Google Toolbar Yes  
Wingnuts Yes Freeverse
Excel/Word/PP Viewer Yes  
Power DVD 4 Issues It works but reports as being incompatible. It needs upgrading to v7 or WinDVD.
Worms 2 No It reports Visual C++ runtime errors
Motorola Handset Manager Yes  
WinTVR3 No It reports as being Incompatible and does not install
EMC Retrospec 7.5 Some issues It needed to re-arrange IDE devices to recognise my DVD-RW drive.
Google Earth 4 Yes  
Ultimate Doom Some issues It needs dplay.dll file and shortcuts set to compatibility mode: Windows XP SP2, 640x480, 256 colours.
Half Life 2 Yes  
SiSoft Sandra 2007 Yes  
X2 - The Threat Some issues Installs but Windows Media Encoder 9 will fail to install, but the game is still playable, preferably with a USB Joystick.
Norton Partition Magic 8 No

It pnly works if you enable Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode otherwise it will report no partitions! Anyway, Disk Management on Vista does what I need to do. Also try gparted for more advanced features.

PhotoStudio 5 Yes  
PhotoBase 3 Yes  
Omnipage SE Yes It complains about not updating registry but works ok.
Visual Studio 2003 Some issues It has a number of minor issues with Vista, try VS 2005 or later or the Express versions.
Norton Ghost 2002 Yes No problems reported.
Norton Utilities 2002 No It need SystemWorks 2007 or later. Probably cheaper to use freeware tools.
Audacity 1.2.6 No Fails to run.
EXPStudio Audio Ed Yes  
OpenGL Viewer 2.28 Yes  
Half Life 2 Episode 1 Yes  
Nero Burning Rom 7.8 Yes New version which I bought on line from Nero's store.
Aegis PhysX driver Yes  
Civilization III Yes It has some issues with dialog boxes but plays ok.
Doom 3 Yes  
Max Payne 2 Yes  
Midnight Run 2 Yes  
Max Payne 1.05 Some issues It plays ok, although no sound in the inter-game movies.
Flight Simulator X Yes  
Jaws PDF Creator 3.4 Some issues I needed to create a printer using the JawsPDFCreatorPort and Generic driver so PDFs can be created.
Hauppauge HVR 1100 Yes I needed to download WinTV v4 from website.

More programs to follow...