Mode - Set sound mode accuracy: None, No output, Normal or Accurate (accurate may slow down the system so use Normal if require more speed).
If the other modes are greyed out, make sure your sound drivers are loaded first.

Channels - Set number of sound channels: Mono, Stereo or Mixed

Resolution - Set sound quality: 8 or 16 bit

Configuration file options

sound_output=type [default=none] - Set sound type: none, interrupts, normal or exact
sound_channels=type [default=mono] - Set number of channels: mono, stereo or mixed
sound_bits=n - Set number of sound bits. Usually 8 or 16
sound_frequency=n - Set sound frequency. Usually 22050 or 44100
sound_min_buff=n - Set minimum sound buffer
sound_max_buff=n - Set maximum sound buffer
sound_interpol=type [default none] - Set interpolation type: rh, crux