CPU Emulation

CPU Emulation

CPU Model - This will select which Motorola CPU to use on the Amiga.
The A1000, A2000, A500,A500+ and A600 all use the 680000 (7MHz) CPU.
The A1200 and CD32 use the 680EC020 (14MHz) CPU with 24 bit addressing or the 68020 is the full version with full 32 bit addressing.
The A4000 uses the 68040 or 68060 models.

24-bit addressing - Enables 24 bit memory addressing instead of the full 32-bit memory addressing.

Emulate FPU - Emulates the Floating Point Unit which is usually an extra chip for 68020 or 68030 CPUs (the 040 and 060 have them built in).

Accuracy - Specify type of CPU emulation accuracy which can be Noraml, Compatible, or Cycle Exact.

Emulation Speed

Speed - Determine approximate or accurate speed of the CPU to a real Amiga. May affect some speed sensitive games. This can be set to
Maximum, Approximate 7MHz 68000 or Adjustable

Cycles per instruction - Determine number of cycles in CPU to execute a assembly instruction. The lower the figure the faster it is.

Idle on HALT instruction - If a HALT instruction is run, go into idle mode.

Idle rate - Set rate of idle cycles

Configuration file options

cpu_speed=speed [default=4] - Set cpu speed between 1 and 20 or 'real' or 'max'.
finegrain_cpu_speed=speed - Set cpu speed between 1 and 20 * 512 (e.g. 2 = 1024)
cpu_type=type [default=68000] - Set CPU model: "68000", "68010", "68020", "68020/68881", "68ec020" or "68ec020/68881" etc.
cpu_compatible=bool [default=no] - Set slower but more compatible speed.