The chipset configuration will determine features of the graphics and sound facilities provided on the emulated amiga.

Chipset - There are three releases of chipsets for the Amiga:

OCS - Original Chipset. Contains Agnus (512K), Paula, Gary and Denise which provides 32 colours (4096 in HAM mode),
with 4 channel stereo sound using upto 512K of Chip RAM.

ECS Agnus- Enhanced Chipset with just the new 1MB version of Agnus chip.

Full ECS - Enhanced Chipset with a 1Mb Agnus chip and the new Denise chip which supports new graphics modes such as
Productivity Mode.

AGA - Advance Graphics Architecture. Has a completely new chipset called Alice (replaces Agnus) that supports 2MB of Chip
RAM, Lisa, Gayle and Paula. This chipset supports 256 colours (256K in new HAM mode), bigger sprites and more resolutions
than the older chipsets.

PAL or NTSC - Select type of TV resolution you require.

Draw 1 frame in x - Select number of frames to draw. Adjusting this can slow down or speed up display.

Sprite collisions - Modes are Sprites & playfields, None, Sprites only and Full.

Sprites are hardware based objects which the chipset can directly control. For example, the mouse pointer is a sprite.
The other types of objects are called BOBs (Blitter Objects which are graphics, cut and pasted onto the screen and are slower than sprites).
A playfield is the background objects such as landscapes which sprites may crash into.

Immediate blits - Enable immediate blitter updates on the display.

Keyboard shortcuts

F12 + S - Toggle between windowed display and full-screen mode (if suppported by the graphics driver).
F12 + G - Toggle mouse-grab mode (in windowed mode)
F12 + M - Toggle mousehack mode (if mousehack is running)
F12 + I - (or Scroll Lock) Toggle display inhibit (Amiga screenmodes, not P96)
F12 + P - (or Print Screen) Save screenshot (if supported)

Configuration file options

collision_level=level [default=sprites] - Sets collision level: none, sprites, playfield or full.
gfx_width=n [default=800] - Set window width in pixels
gfx_height=n [default=300] - Set window height in pixels
gfx_lores=bool [default=no] - Set if using a very small window width e.g. 320-400
gfx_linemode=type [default=scanlines] - Set line mode: scanlines or double
gfx_correct_aspect=bool [default=none] - Adjust image to fit window
gfx_center_vertical=bool [default=no] - Center window on screen if it doesn`t all fit on screen
gfx_center_horizontal=bool [default=no] - Center window on screen if it doesn`t all fit on screen
gfx_fullscreen_amiga=bool [default=no] - Use a full screen instead of just a window
gfx_color_mode=mode [default=8bit] - Set colour mode: 8bit, 15bit, 16bit etc

amiga.screen_type=<custom|public|ask> - Set screen type
amiga.use_grey=<true|false> - Set output in grey rather than colour
amiga.use_dither=<true|false> - Output is dithered for low colour screens
amiga.publicscreen=<name> - Use a specified public screen (see screen_type)