About UAE


At the top there are seven buttons:

Reset - Does a warm reboot of the Amiga.
Debug - Goes into debug mode to diagnose problems (results should appear in a terminal window)
Quit - Exits the uae program
Save Config - Saves the current uae configuration settings to a file
Pause - Emulation is paused (on by default), unticking this will launch the emulator (equivalent to OK on Winuae)

Save state - Saves current state of emulation, by saving memory and settings to a file so that you can continue from
where you left off. Useful for saving game positions where saving to disk is not available.

Load state - Loads state file from disk and allow you to continue from where you left off!

Keyboard Shortcuts

F12 + Q Quit UAE

Configuration file options

# <comment> - Include some comments on config for documentation
accuracy=n [default=2] - Set emulator accuracy (may not work in later versions)
autoconfig=bool [default=yes] - Enable autoconfig of expansion items
kbd_lang=lang [default=us] - Set keyboard language: us,se,fr,it,es,dk,de
use_gui=state [default=yes] - Enable gui screen on startup: yes,no,nowait
synchronize_clock=<true|false> - Use this method to sync clocks rather than use timehack
sdl.map_raw_keys=true - Enable raw keyboard support (esp BeOS)