Boing Ball  Amiga Emulator FAQ

Guru Meditation Messages

If the Amiga crashes for some reason, then a Guru Meditation (or Software Failure) message will appear with a special code and the address of the
point where it failed. Here is a list of them:

EXEC Library specific Codes Description
81000001 68000 exception vector checksum
81000002 ExecBase checksum
81000003 Library checksum error
81000004 No memory to make library
81000005 Corrupted memory list
81000006 No memory for interrupt servers
81000007 InitAPtr
81000008 Semaphore corrupt
81000009 Free twice
8100000A Bogus exception
Graphics Library specific code  
82010001 No memory for copper display list
82010002 No memory for copper instruction list
82010003 Copper list overload
82010004 Copper intermediate list overload
82010005 No memory for copper list head
82010006 Long frame, no memory
82010007 Short frame, no memory
82010008 No memory for flood fill
82010009 Text, no memory, for TmpRas
8201000A No memory for BlitBitmap
8201000B Region memory
82010030 MakeVPort
82011234 GfxNoLCM
Layers library specific codes  
83010001 Layers No Mem
Intuition library specific codes  
84000001 Unknown gadget type
04000001 Recoverable version of previous message
84010002 No memory to create port
84010003 Item place alloc, no memory
84010004 Sub alloc, no memory
84010005 Plane alloc, no memory
84010006 Item box top less than RelZero
84010007 No memory to open screen
84010008 Open screen, raster alloc, no memory
84000009 Open sys screen, unknown type
8401000A Add SW gadgets, no memory
8401000B No memory to open window
8400000C Bad State Return entering intuition
8400000D Bad message received by IDCMP
8400000E Wierd message causing incomprehension
8400000F Couldn't open the console device
Dos library specific codes  
07010001 No memory at startup
07000002 EndTask didn't
07000003 Opkt failure
07000004 Unexpected packet received
07000005 Freevec failed
07000006 Disk block sequence error
07000007 Bitmap corrupt
07000008 Key already free
07000009 Invalid checksum
0700000A Disk error
0700000B Key out of range
0700000C Bad overlay
RAM Library specific codes  
08000001 Bad segment list
Expansion library specific codes  
0A000001 Bad expansion free
Trackdisk device specific codes  
14000001 Calibrate: seek error
14000002 Delay: error on timer wait
Timer device specific codes  
15000001 Bad request
15000002 Bad supply
Disk resource specific codes  
21000001 Get unit: already has disk
21000002 Interrupt: no active unit
Boot strap specific codes  
30000001 Boot code returned an error
CPU Trap specific codes  
00000002 Bus error
00000003 Address error
00000004 Illegal instruction
00000005 Divide by zero
00000006 CHK instruction
00000007 TRAPV instruction
00000008 Privilege violation
00000009 Trace
0000000A Op code 1010
0000000B Op code 1111

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