Samsung tablet Guide for Tablet Ideas

Updated: 24 Jan 18

You may have recently bought one of those cheap but handy tablet devices. Small enough to carry around but not powerful enough to replace your main PC. Of course the idea of a tablet is for ease of use,and internet access including web access, email, instant chat and may be a bit of office work.

But there are many other things you can use your tablet for and here is a short list:


1. Radio

Yep, you can use your netbook to play Radio channels such as your favourite local channel or the ever present BBC channels. Just make sure your wireless router is on in the morning, start up your tablet and browse to your radio web site.

BBC Radio
Heart Radio
Virgin Radio
British Radio Stations (FM)
Google Radio Apps

Harpoon Lagoon

2. Classic Gaming

Your tablet cannot play the latest 3D games but you can still play the golden oldie games or web based games such as those written in HTML5, Adobe's Flash Player or Java.

Classic Games Arcade
Finger Time

Office Game Spot
Free Arcade
Portable App
Google Play



3. Music sharing

If you have a main PC with iTunes installed you can share your main library with your Android table or iPad device and play your music.

iPad, iPod or iPhone
a) Connect the iPad via USB to your computer (or connect to iCloud)
b) Load up iTunes on your main computer
c) iTunes will detect the iPad and sync with your Music collection

a) Download the Music Manager program from Google Play.
b) Install and run the Music Manager on your computer and login with Google account.
c) Select Upload songs to Google Play.
d) Select iTunes (or WMP or My Music) as the source.
e) Select Upload all songs and playlists.
f) Select Yes to Automatically upload songs.
g) Wait for the music to be uploaded. Click Close.


4. Electronic Books (eBooks)

Do you love a good book? If so then you can read eBooks on your tablet. All you need is an internet connection or if you want to read off line then you can download your book and read it using software such as Apple iBooks, and apps such as Kindle, Adobe Reader, EBook Reader and Aldike reader on Google Play.


5. Television

You can watch television on your tablet over the internet using just your web browser. Typical web pages to try are: BBCs iPlayer, ITV Player and Sky's Player (if you have a subscription). If unsure what to watch, check out the Internet Movie Database for information of all film's released and acters and characters in them.
There are now some alternative television programme sources including You Tube, Amazon Video, Netflix etc.

6. Video and Films

Films can be downloaded and viewed on any table from Apple iTunes store or Google's Play store.

7. Apps

There are thousands of apps avaiable from simple utilities to full office suites for your table. See Apple Store or Google Play to search for them.


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