Miscellaneous Links

Here are some of my favourite and useful sites, a lot of links are available on other pages such as the FAQs and Guide pages.

Updated: 6 December 2023

Computers TV, Film & Sport Misc Humour Charity/Advice/Help Money Advice Politics
Techradar News IMDb Movies EBay - For Sale/Wanted BBC Comedy Barnados Love Money: Clearing your debts Find your local MP
Amiga Forever BBC F1 Facebook Computer Stupidites Christian Aid Which? Money Page Brexit news
ZDNet Official music chart Google Maps Dilbert Citizens Advice Bureau Confused.com Brexit transition
GameSpot - News, Demos Apple Movie Trailers Twitter Jokes D.E.C. GoCompare.com 38 Degrees (People, power, change)
Experts Exchange Total Film Magazine TalkTalk Laurel & Hardy Drug Free World UK Autumn Statement 2023 new
The PM - 10 Downing Street
Winuae Home Page Game of Thrones University of Huddersfield BBC Bottom Friends of the Earth How to create a Budget Conservative Party
Microsoft Docs Amazon - The Grand Tour Weather Lottery Saturday Night Live Greenpeace 14 ways to save money at home Labour Party

Windows Home Page

The Boys Wikipedia UK Gold Kidney Research Boost your income Liberal Democrats
World of Spectrum Car S.O.S. You Tube You Tube Knife Free - Britain Guide to ISAs UKIP
XRoar - Dragon emu Doctor Who UK Night Sky Dave UK TV National Blood Service BBC Martin Lewis Podcasts Green Party

BBC Emulator

James Bond SpaceX Education NHS Flu Help Free Cheap Wills new
Scottish National Party


Red Dwarf Monster (Jobs) Education Place NHS STI Help Cars and Driving Democratic Unionist Party
Speculator (Spectrum emul) Star Trek NASA Mars Perseverance Rover BBC BiteSize The Red Cross Highway Code Online Sein Fein
SAM Coupe emulator Star Wars UK National Space Centre BBC Teach The Samaritans Car owners guide to MOT US Democrats Party
Basilisk Mac Emulator Amazon - The Expanse UK Energy Suppliers Open Study College SANE - Mental Health Internet Movie Car Db US Republican Party

Tech Guy

Top Gear 3D Map of the Universe Open University Save the Children Fund Electric Cars The White House

VICE Emulator
(VIC20, C64, C128)

Wheeler Dealers James Web Space Telescope Linkedin Learning Sponsor a Child Check car MOT 350.org


DC Movies Live Flight Tracker IXL Maths & English Let's fight Racism DVLA Check vehicle info Change.org
VirtualBox Marvel Studios Marine Traffic Live Plural Sight (IT Learning) Corona Virus (COVID-19) Car Tyres European Union
VMWare Player new
Disney Plus Open Railway Map IT Kids British Heart Foundation Automotive Guide National Union of Students - take action
Linux Mint House of the Dragon Health World Flags First Aid for Skin Burns
Car Reviews Prevent Policy
Cyber Threat Center The Rings of Power Men's Health A brief history of stuff Women Shelters Fast Cars Mag. The Royal Family
Accountz software Frozen Planet Healthy Eating Geography for Kids Preparing for war as a civilian GoCompare (Electric Car Insurance) The Commonwealth
Quicken software Planet Earth BMR Calculator National Geographic: Science for Kids Cyber-bullying Stats Driving a HGV Corruption Perception Index
NCH Moneyline Reelgood Streaming BMI Calculator The Bible for kids Cyberbullying and Harassment New Road Tax changes Global Firepower
EA App Carnival Row Eating Disorders Money Games Cyberbullying in Graduate School Petrol Prices World Debt Clocks
EA Store The Witcher Losing Weight without dieting new
Wordle Game Cyberbullying in College Electric Charger Map World GDP Meters
  The Six Million Dollar Man     Social Media and Online Safety GridServe Ongoing Wars
        Social Media Safety Top 10 Car Electric Chargers Nobel Peace Prizes new
        Suicide Prevention (WY) ULEZ Zones  


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