Guide to System Preferences

Wallet and Apple Pay Preferences

These settings are used when using Wallet and Apple Pay to pay for things for if your Mac has TouchID pad.
You can access similar settings in iTunes or App Store applications.

Add Card. Add a new bank or store card, if you have not already added one.

Default Card. Displays the current default bank or store card.

Contact and Shopping. Enter your default home address, and telephone number to use with Apply Pay.

Add +. Use this to add another bank or store card.

Remove -. Remove an existing card from the list, especially if the card has been replaced or has expired.

Transactions. Select a card and then transaction to view recent transactions used by the card.

Billing address. Select an existing address or enter a new billing address.

Device account number. A number unique to you Mac and card.

Apple Pay and Privacy. View the policy for Apple Pay and Privacy.