Guide to System Preferences

Screen Time Preferences

The Screen Time preferences configures and restricts the amount of time and what other users, such as children, are allowed
to use or access while using the mac.

App Usage. Displays actual usage of the mac in the form of a graph. Plus a list of applications used and how long they have been used.

Notifications.Displays how many notifications you receive for each app.

Pickups. Displays how many time you picked up your iPhone, iPad and iPod and which apps were used.

Downtime. This specifies the periods you are allowed to use apps, that have been approved to use. A downtime notification appears
when you reach the limt.

App Limits. Sets how much time you want to able to use the apps, either individually or categories of app.

Communication. Sets who you can communicate to during the day and during downtime including Phone, Facetime, Messages and iCloud

Always Allowed. Allow certain apps to be even during downtime or when an app limit is reached for All Apps and Categories. By default, Phones,
Messages, Facetime and Maps are allowed by default, but can be changed here.

Content & Privacy. Restrict content, purchases and downloads and also configure privacy settings. You can also restrict access to some websites.