Guide to System Preferences

Family Sharing

This prefence allows you to share your apple subscriptions, purchases and storage with other members of your family.
Additionally, you can configure parental controls on your younger members of the houses on what they can use and when.

Click Learn More button to read more about Family Sharing or click Get Started to set up family sharing.
The first member with administrative rights is the organizer and can confgure what can be shared. If there are additional
accounts on the Mac, they should be listed here.

Apple Subscriptions: List of subscriptions to change, cancel, resubscribe or share a subscription with other family members.
Subscriptions could include Apple Music.

Location sharing: Allows you to share location with Apple devices (ipod, ipad, iphone) that are logged in with same Apple ID.
Use Find My App to locate people by location.

Purchase Sharing: Share your purchases, such as Apps from the App Store, with other family members in your group.

iCloud Storage: Share your existing files and folders stored in the iCloud.